Legal design is the perfect tool to make law comprehensible
The aspect of the legal design is a relevant characteristic that every law firm needs to have in order to facilitate the knowledge about law issues to the general public and the rest of the professionals of the same sector.   Its main goal is to make law more interesting, easier to understand...
TIL - 14 April 2023
The keys to have the best law firm website design
Every professional sector needs to have presence in the online world. Nowadays, the virtual spaces are the ones to have priority among the choices of consulting services and products by potential customers. For that reason, it is important to have an intuitive and good design of the business website...
TIL - 31 March 2023
The key elements in the decoration of a law office
The way in which the offices of a law firm are decorated is very important because the distribution and placement of the elements in an office is the way to represent the company itself. Just as people's houses are decorated according to the taste of those who live in them, offices have to convey th...
TIL - 01 March 2023
What is legal design: only UX or also UI?
The question we are asking ourselves and to which we will try to give an answer is simple: what is legal design? At first glance it may seem simple to give an answer but, if we analyze the question in depth, we'll discover that the answer is not so easy.  So we ask ourselves: is legal design t...
Luca Visconti - 20 February 2022
How a professional website helps law firms earn more money, attract clients and increase trust
--- Lawyers and partners of the law companies are aware that the key factors when choosing a company to work with are competence, prominence, reputation, past projects, and, certainly, its professionals   The personal brand of each particular lawyer is also substantial and formed by elements...
Nikita Smotrov - 18 February 2022
Case Study: How to help entrepreneurs through a website redesign
3-IN-ONE A WD-40 Company maintenance product brand that focuses on specific-use solutions to address a variety of needs.   Services Provided Creative & Brand Strategy Web Development & Technology   The Challenge 3-IN-ONE tasked Red Door to redesign and rearchitect their...
Red Door Interactive - 23 December 2021
UX Design boosts website performance. Here's how you can do it in four easy steps
UX stands for User Experience. It is a key element to take into account when designing your law firm's website, as it focuses on delivering the best possible value to potential clients while boosting your business objectives.  At Elastic Heads, we know User Experience Design (UX) is vital to e...
Catalina Silvart - 09 December 2021
How can we use legal design method for complex corporate law transactions?
--- Legal design should be considered as the solution to problems of public and corporate law in complex transactions Legal design is a method that helps professionals apply “design-thinking” to law. In this way, lawyers can increase comprehensibility of their services and empower thei...
Özge Gizem Yerlikaya - 04 December 2021
What to consider when you rebrand your law firm logo
--- The logo in a law firm conveys the professional identity of the firm so it is important to take the time to create it Your law firm logo is central to your branding. It will be prominently displayed on everything, from your website and letterhead to any corporate merchandise you create.  ...
Rachel Tombs - 22 November 2021
The Future of Legal Workplace Design: Recreating the Resilient Law Firm
Even before the global pandemic, law firms began questioning the design of their office environments. Over the years, open concept has grown in popularity, and assigned private offices are less common than they used to be. Filing cabinets are being replaced by the cloud and reviewing contracts almos...
Kristin Cerutti - 15 November 2021
We need more full-stack lawyers
--- The success of a lawyer can be measured through the feedback of their clients when they can understand complex information in a simple way   There are a lot of touchpoints between working as a lawyer and a software developer.  Let's approach the subject from the perspective that la...
Aku Nikkola - 29 October 2021
What does the future hold for law firm design?
Alongside nearly every industry, law firms had to adapt to remote work overnight in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many found surprising success with this new way of working. Even a couple of years ago, it was rare to work with a law firm that explicitly sought to support different styles of...
Kate Vine, Anne Kniffen, John Sadlon - 22 October 2021
Case study: office refurbishment of a law firm to improve its culture and employee well-being
  1. Needs of the client: Characteristics of the law firm  - The firm is 30 years old, lead by 16 Partners, Associates, Special Counsel, and Consultants. - They have broad expertise amongst their team in property, commercial, corporate, litigation, family lay, employment, estate planni...
Todd Hammond, Josephine Meldgaard - 07 September 2021
Case study: creating a warm and welcoming office for a law firm in Texas
--- Dick Clarke + Associates creates sustainable and comfortable building for law firm Coffin Renner LLP   1. Client's needs Coffin Renner LLP is a law firm that specializes in representing gas, electric, and telecommunication companies in regulatory proceedings in Texas. Their practice foc...
Dick Clark + Associates - 26 July 2021
Case study: office renovation for a Brazilian law firm
--- GDL Arquitectura remodelled the office of a Brazilian firm, making it more innovative and welcoming 1. Client's needs Legal consultancy company dedicated to business issues with an emphasis on tax, corporate, labor and civil matters.  Area increase to receiving customers in order to hap...
Gabriel de Lucca - 08 July 2021
Design your documents to make them more efficient and transparent
--- The Impact Lawyers interviews Luca Visconti, CEO of HUE, about designing documents to make them more efficient and transparent Law firms pay a lot of attention to their clients, but often do not invest time in the design of the documents they produce, either for internal use or for presentatio...
TIL - 09 May 2021
Enabling Change in the Society via Legal Design (Part 2)
--- Legal designers can act as agents creating social value directly, targeting social innovation as -one of the results (ICYMI: I have previously analysed the relationship between the legal service value chain, legal design and legal designers as agents to create social value in the Part 1.) ...
Ebru Metin - 20 April 2021
Enabling Change in the Society via Legal Design (Part 1)
--- The author makes a Short Analysis of Legal Service Value Chain From a personal perspective, I have always perceived being a lawyer as a responsive agent. A client would often ask for legal advice and you provide it either to solve a problem or to provide initial guidance for your client’...
Ebru Metin - 09 April 2021
Interview with Ajuni Chawla: "I strongly believe that practicing law in itself is an art"
--- The Impact Lawyers interviews Ajuni Chawla, creator of Eye Z Legal  1. What is Eye Z Legal? Why Did You Decide to Create Eye Z Legal?  The name “Eye Z Legal” in its literal sense means ‘envisioning the legal industry in a dynamic way’. It started when I was i...
Álvaro Navarro - 29 January 2021

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