Design your documents to make them more efficient and transparent
Law firms pay a lot of attention to their clients, but often do not invest time in the design of the documents they produce, either for internal use or for presentation to their client, which could increase clarity and improve their efficiency. There are many tools on the market to help improve docu...
Editor - 09 May 2021
How can we use legal design method for complex corporate law transactions?
Legal design is a method that helps professionals apply “design-thinking” to law. In this way, lawyers can increase comprehensibility of their services and empower their clients to may make better and smarter decisions while they combine their legal professions with a design thinking app...
Özge Gizem Yerlikaya - 21 April 2021
Enabling Change in the Society via Legal Design (Part 2)
(ICYMI: I have previously analysed the relationship between the legal service value chain, legal design and legal designers as agents to create social value in the Part 1.)    Regenerative Leadership and Legal Sector This week I attended a wonderful webinar organized by Designit, hosted...
Ebru Metin - 20 April 2021
Enabling Change in the Society via Legal Design (Part 1)
- A Short Analysis of Legal Service Value Chain From a personal perspective, I have always perceived being a lawyer as a responsive agent. A client would often ask for legal advice and you provide it either to solve a problem or to provide initial guidance for your client’s next steps.  ...
Ebru Metin - 09 April 2021
Interview with Ajuni Chawla: "I strongly believe that practicing law in itself is an art"
1. What is Eye Z Legal? Why Did You Decide to Create Eye Z Legal?  The name “Eye Z Legal” in its literal sense means ‘envisioning the legal industry in a dynamic way’. It started when I was in law school, when I noticed that people are usually approaching the subject of...
Álvaro Navarro - 29 January 2021
We need more full-stack lawyers
There are a lot of touchpoints between working as a lawyer and a software developer.  Let's approach the subject from the perspective that law is code, and code is law. The concept of "code is law" (i.e. code having the effect of law) was first introduced by Lawrence Lassig in early 2000. Sixt...
Aku Nikkola - 22 December 2020
The Future of Legal Workplace Design: Recreating the Resilient Law Firm
Even before the global pandemic, law firms began questioning the design of their office environments. Over the years, open concept has grown in popularity, and assigned private offices are less common than they used to be. Filing cabinets are being replaced by the cloud and reviewing contracts almos...
Kristin Cerutti - 14 August 2020

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