29 January 2021

Interview with Ajuni Chawla: "I strongly believe that practicing law in itself is an art"


The Impact Lawyers interviews Ajuni Chawla, creator of Eye Z Legal 

1. What is Eye Z Legal? Why Did You Decide to Create Eye Z Legal? 

The name “Eye Z Legal” in its literal sense means ‘envisioning the legal industry in a dynamic way’. It started when I was in law school, when I noticed that people are usually approaching the subject of law with dread or apathy. In spite of being the main reason why policies are even made in the place- they are not involved in the process of law-making, infact base their trust and hope for change in the hands of decision makers. 

But the  thing is, it is easy to lose that idealist’s spark as you enter the democractic world. Experienced lawyers and policymakers who get entangled in this world soon lose the way to the path of progress, and get overwhelmed by the sheer magnanimity of this place while newcomers become unsure of their first step. Social entrepreneurs who bravely answer the call and step up to do their part get lost in the deluge, and so the change once envisioned becomes a distant reality and the hope once held close gets lost. 

But I didn’t lose hope, I have full faith in the power of unity and sense of community, I strongly believe that Together we should be able to regain the confidence in law and in democracy and give an opportunity to everyone who wants to make a difference and address some of the most intractable problems that face our communities, nation, and the world.

In lieu of the same, I was guided to build Eye Z Legal- an online family of change-makers, who are willing, open and honest to participate and build an infrastructure for robust rule of law and collaborative democracy.

 It is a space where we aim to connect you with the right people, create opportunities and chances, help you collaborate with the best persons for you and contribute to society making the best use of your resources. 

2. What do you do as a professional? 

Currently, I am working as a Legal Designer where my focus is to enhance current practices, optimise resources to yield maximum return on investments, incorporate technology to advance legal operations and delivery of services- for law firms and solo practitioners, legal associations and NGOs. I collaborate with legal-tech startups and institutions to bring revolution into the Indian Legal Landscape. 

3. Is there a lack of creativity in the legal sector?

No, infact creativity thrives in the legal sector. I strongly believe that practicing law in itself is an art. One can study laws and have a plethora of resources with them, but eventually in order to practice successfully (no matter what specialisation)- he/she must have the skill to creatively incorporate them to yield a positive impact. 

So, no, even though the legal sector looks incredibly boring and monotonous from outside, there isn’t a lack of creativity per-se - in fact there is a huge scope for creativity in law.

4. Do lawyers have to work as artists?

Must say, this is an interesting question and I could go on and on about what it would be like to be a lawyer with an artistic mindset and the whys and hows of it (I think I’ll save it for my next publication, here!) 

All I would like to do now is compare lawyers to artists with an analogy: as lawyers, just as artists, we have a case as a canvas and are expected to work creatively within the constraints of the colours (laws and precedents) present in front of us.  

5. In our opinion what values define you as a professional?

Personally, my intentions, values and work defines me as a professional.

I strongly believe that when I have set clear intentions regarding any task and worked with my three charm values: willingness, open mindedness and honesty- I am able to work in a way that I can create a meaningful difference

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