Tips for law firms to bring the best of artificial intelligence
Technology devices started as simple tools that could help in very easy tasks to humanity, but as people began to realize that they could do more for society, they invested in the evolution of this type of objects. In a few years, the growth which was experimented was huge leading to great advances ...
TIL - 27 April 2023
How AI and human resources can work together in the legal sector
The artificial intelligence (AI) has come to stay in every aspect of life and as it has made a revolution in the professional sectors in so many ways, there is a need to be cautious and responsible with the use of this type of technology because the results they can provide may be biased or unfair. ...
TIL - 12 April 2023
Would you prefer a robot or a person defend you in a court?
Could lawyers and professionals of the legal sector be replaced by a robot? This sounds futuristic, awkward and dystopian, but the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has been standardized among the legal community. What have been identified as the first legal robot is an application called DoNotPa...
TIL - 15 March 2023
AI unleashes madness: $1 million for the lawyer who lets himself be replaced by a robot
Lawyer, would you accept in exchange for a significant financial offer to put on headphones in a Supreme Court trial and repeat exactly what a robot tells you to defend the interests of your client? Last Sunday, Joshua Browder, the CEO of DoNotPay, the world's most famous legal chatbot that claims ...
TIL - 12 January 2023
AI for Lawyers - What’s the truth?
--- AI has come to make the lawyer great by doing the tedious and complex tasks, especially related to long contracts No other technology has conjured fear like AI (Artificial Intelligence). Imagine the future with AI - and you either see the positive (like R2D2-like droid companions) or the negat...
Jim Chiang - 01 April 2022
MIA is launched: the first AI solution capable of detecting legal breaches to avoid fines and penalties for businesses
- Automatically analyses company information and detects legal gaps. - It automates and accelerates legal diagnoses allowing lawyers to focus on adding value. - It has entailed 5 years of research with the Complutense University and more than €2 million of investment. - This Spanish solution...
TIL - 15 February 2022
The importance of Artificial Intelligence in the Brazilian legal market
--- For the lawtechs and legaltechs ecosystem to have disruptive tools in Brazil, technology must be an ally for lawyers The use of Artificial Intelligence by lawtechs and legaltechs in the Brazilian market has grown a lot in recent years and there are many initiatives that aim to solve problems o...
Ana Julia Vaz Guimarães Sampaio - 25 November 2021
"Many firms are not only ready, they are already fully immersed in the age of AI"
--- Book Review: AI For Lawyers (Wiley, 2021) written by Noah Waisberg and Dr. Alexander Hudek Noah Waisberg, CEO & Co-Founder of Kira Systems and Alexander Hudek CTO & Co-Founder of Kira Systems wrote AI For Lawyers (Wiley, 2021), a new book on how AI is adding value, amplifying expertise...
Kira Systems - 15 November 2021
ICLR.4 introduces a host of new features including a new AI-driven search tool: Case Genie
The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales (ICLR) launches ICLR.4 today, the latest upgrade of its digital platform. ICLR.4 offers subscribers access to a number of new features and additional functionality to support their legal research. It introduces, for the first time, a ne...
TIL - 10 November 2021
The Future of AI in Legal Bill Review: Five questions with Wolters Kluwer’s Abhishek Mittal
--- Abhishek Mittal is the Vice President of Data Analytics and Operational Excellence for Wolters Kluwer’s Governance, Risk & Compliance or GRC Division He directs the company’s advanced analytics efforts, including the AI at the heart of its products and solutions. In the Q&A...
Abhishek Mittal - 04 October 2021
Baker McKenzie focuses on AI
Baker McKenzie has announced the next step in its AI transformation, by appointing two Co-founders to lead its recently formed 11-strong team who will be charged with combining the firm's legal domain expertise with data science and machine learning. Brian Kuhn, former Elevate Vice-President, and Da...
TIL - 27 September 2021
Litera and Kira Systems: a large technology acquisition for the legal sector
Technology tools and projects are becoming increasingly essential in the legal sector. This is well known to Litera, one of the companies offering legal technology solutions, which has just announced the acquisition of Kira Systems, one of the sector leaders in software and data collection.  W...
Utkarsh Gambhir - 12 August 2021
Artificial Intelligence: Why is Baker McKenzie reinventing the legal sector?
--- The modernization of the legal sector takes a step forward thanks to the new machine learning tool developed by Baker McKenzie in its Reinvent project Baker McKenzie is taking another step forward by launching a machine learning tool, powered by Artificial Intelligence, bringing a new innovati...
TIL - 25 May 2021
Technology in the legal profession: does it bring more efficiency?
--- The technological revolution forces law firms to use new tools such as Artificial Intelligence or Chatbots The legal sector is, in general, a sector that is finding it more difficult to adapt to technology. There are still many lawyers who work on paper, who cover laws and jurisprudence in boo...
Utkarsh Gambhir - 19 May 2021
Dispute Resolution Rules to regulate cryptocurrency, blockchain or AI disputes
--- LawtechUK has published a new regulation for the resolution of Digital Disputes (“UKJT Digital Dispute Resolution Rules”) It is common knowledge that cryptocurrencies, blockchain and smart contracts will impact all sectors in the very near future. The question that many firms are n...
TIL - 23 April 2021
Artificial Intelligence in law firms. Simmons Simmons case
--- Simmons & Simmons has recently announced the launch of Rocketeer, a platform specialised in the field of the trademark registration market and which is built on artificial intelligence It is a tool that will revolutionise the field of intellectual property in the legal sector. Rocketeer c...
TIL - 14 April 2021
How artificial intelligence can reduce lawyers' work time
--- Law firms like large companies are using artificial intelligence programs to automate their work. In particular, there are programs that analyze algorithms and relevant information in documents, reducing the search work of lawyers Concept of the software Leverton is a patented, award-winning ...
TIL - 22 January 2021
Kira: the machine learning software that identifies and analyzes text in your legal documents
About Kira Systems Kira Systems is on a mission to enlighten the world’s enterprises by enabling them to truly know what’s in all of their contracts and documents. We have evolved far beyond contract review for M&A due diligence, real estate lease abstraction, and contract managemen...
Kira Systems - 18 December 2020
Ashurst joins consortium to develop Automated Intelligent Regulation Platform
On the 28th of July 2020, international law firm Ashurst announced that they join a major cross-sector consortium made up of businesses and universities in order to deliver the AIR (Automated Intelligent Regulation) Platform, an AI-driven data access platform for regulated industries.  Cross-i...
Christine Fuessel - 18 August 2020
The legal sector, like many other sectors, is being impacted by the constant renewal of technologies, especially by AI
Richards Strauss explains the impact of AI on the legal sector in his article "Sediment and tremors: the impact of AI on legal services". In this article the author identifies the strategies used by entrepreneurs to enter the legal services, and how law firms respond to it. The author also summariz...
TIL - 11 August 2020
Interview with Carla Rydholm about Lex Machina´s new COVID-19 App
Carla Rydholm, Director of Product Management at Lex Machina, responds to The Impact Lawyers´ questions regarding the new COVID-19 Impact Analyzer App they have launched in June in order to track the litigation impact of the COVID-19 crisis.   First of all, could you explain me a bi...
Christine Fuessel - 15 July 2020
How can the artificial intelligence system help lawyers?
More and more Artificial Intelligence is spreading to all fields of legal practice, AI came to stay in the legal world and Luminance is a clear representation of it. Concept of your software Luminance is the leading artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. Founded by mathematicia...
TIL - 13 July 2020
Legal AI platform INTELLLEX collects $2.1 million funding to modernise Knowledge-Based market
INTELLLEX artificial intelligence knowledge management legal platform has completed a $2.1 million funding round. The round was led by Quest Ventures, with the participation of Thomson Reuters, Insignia Ventures, K3 Ventures and a venture capital fund backed by the government of Singapore. Other ear...
TIL - 04 June 2020

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