22 January 2021

How artificial intelligence can reduce lawyers' work time


Law firms like large companies are using artificial intelligence programs to automate their work. In particular, there are programs that analyze algorithms and relevant information in documents, reducing the search work of lawyers

Concept of the software

Leverton is a patented, award-winning AI-powered data extraction and contract analytics platform for corporate and legal documents. The Leverton platform is powered by proprietary state-of-the-art OCR and AI technology. Deep learning algorithms automatically extract relevant information out of unstructured documents turning them into highly structured and accurate data you can rely on. Leverton seamlessly integrates with leading DMS, ERP, and BI systems.

Main features

• Intuitive drag and drop import of documents.

• Document classification wizard.

• User Management.

• Project overview and management.

• In-product detailed review and annotation wizard.

• Customized reporting to Excel, PDF, and other formats.

• Data integrations to DMS, ERP, and BI systems via robust API.

• Analysis of data in the Leverton platform: Filtering, Quick Search, Audit Trail, Calendar of Key Dates, Location of Assets, Anomaly Detection, Custom Reporting, and other.

• 25+ Languages supported, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Russian. 

 What benefits does it bring to a lawyer or office?

• Fast Due Diligence: 

Utilize semi-automated data extraction for more efficient and faster legal contracts review. Save up to 75% of review time.

• Exportable Data: 

Structured data can be exported in customized ways with one click while retaining links back to the contracts.

• Complete and Provable Documentation: 

The technology automatically identifies and flags missing documentation, increasing transparency and generating e.g., rent roll comparison reports easily.

• Direct Data Sources Access: 

Stop tedious document and paragraph search. Hyperlinks enable real-time access to relevant document sections – at the click of a button- enabling a transparent audit trail.

How does it work

1. Upon upload of your documents, our proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine will convert your documents into machine-readable text. 

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) extracts key data from your documents and links each extracted data point to the source information. We then validate all extracted data via a two-step quality check and control process.

3. Access and analyze structured data in an index, table, map, or calendar view. 

4. Create dashboards and reports for your team to drive additional insights from your data.

5. Export data into Excel or integrate directly to third-party DMS, ERP, or BI systems via our open API to consume your structured data within your desired target system.


Get detailed pricing as per your requirements at info@leverton.ai  

How to install

No installation needed. The platform is Cloud, SaaS, Web accessible. 

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