15 February 2022

MIA is launched: the first AI solution capable of detecting legal breaches to avoid fines and penalties for businesses

- Automatically analyses company information and detects legal gaps.

- It automates and accelerates legal diagnoses allowing lawyers to focus on adding value.

- It has entailed 5 years of research with the Complutense University and more than €2 million of investment.

- This Spanish solution is unique and has no competition both in the national and international market.

MIA is born, the first Artificial Intelligence solution specialised in Breach Hunting or detection of legal breaches. Through its use, companies will be able to carry out an internal analysis in which it detects, by regulatory framework, the legal breaches in which an organisation may be incurring, consciously or unconsciously, and which may result in heavy fines and penalties.

In the words of its founder Álvaro Ecija "in 2015 we detected that companies had a document saturation that they could not cover with their own staff and we decided to develop an Artificial Intelligence solution that could help companies to have legal security without making their teams grow". He adds "all organisations are subject to different regulatory frameworks that they must comply with and MIA analyses them internally in search of evidence that demonstrates compliance, giving companies legal certainty".

MIA is a solution that is in the cloud and has all the standards and security measures necessary to be able to undertake the analysis. This solution is currently trained in 3 regulatory frameworks: RGPD, Criminal and Information Security, which incorporates ISO27001, ENS, SWIFT and NIS2. Upcoming regulatory frameworks such as Labour and Money Laundering are on the way.

It performs its function in 3 phases:

1) Legal Diagnosis: Analyses information in different formats and in different repositories.

2) Risk Assessment: It automatically generates the risk matrix and assesses the legal risk detected by regulatory framework and article.

3) Catalogue of Legal Solutions: MIA will highlight those legal gaps and provide specific legal documentation to fill them.

Javier Montero Vice Rector at the Complutense University of Madrid adds: "This project was designed from the beginning to offer an automatable approach to the world of legal risks in companies, combining Mathematics and Computer Science at the service of Law. A public/private collaboration that has produced a tool that constitutes a technological leap in the legal world. MIA is a product born to become a reference in legal risk assessment, a world in which part of the information is in a linguistic format, but which admits its logical analysis, partially quantifiable but certainly objectifiable. And although the tool is already operational, it can continue to grow by incorporating more Artificial Intelligence tools". 

Alberto Tejero, Managing Director of MIA completes "It is a solution halfway between the Technological and Legal fields. Through Machine Learning and Big Data analysis we can tell companies where they are vulnerable to being sanctioned and also quantify the size of the sanction and the behaviour of the sanctioning body, something like a legal antivirus".

MIA is the Spanish Artificial Intelligence solution specialised in offering a technological solution that detects legal breaches in organisations. Through Artificial Intelligence and predictive models, MIA is able to internally analyse the information and define a Risk Map by Regulatory Framework in order to work on mitigating risks that can lead to heavy fines and sanctions.

For more information contact Bértol Gorospe (0034 659 58 86 61 or bertol.gorospe@miaintelligence.com).

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