If you are a lawyer, you should be aware that judges can be stressed
A survey conducted by the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Attorneys' Assistance Programs shows the clear symptoms of depression faced by countless judges in the United States.  This survey has involved over 1,000 judges and was conducted before the arrival of the pandemic. Accord...
Adelie Cordier - 11 January 2021
[FREE WEBINAR] How to Thrive in a Time of Stress and Uncertainty: Evidence-Based Tips for Lawyer Well-Being
The Impact Lawyers is pleased to invite you to the next webinar on Tuesday 6th October at 10.30 am US Eastern Time and 3.30 pm London Time regarding How to Thrive in a Time of Stress and Uncertainty: Evidence-Based Tips for Lawyer Well-Being presented by Dr. Larry Richard.  In this groundbreak...
TIL - 06 October 2020
Lawyers: How to disconnect from work
In many cases the profession of lawyer is stressful and produces a lot of fatigue for the professional himself. To perform at your best in the office you need to know how to turn off your mind and be able to relax for just the right amount of time.  Chronic stress can cause psychological probl...
TIL - 09 September 2020

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