Five dangerous cyberattacks that threaten the legal sector
As the virtual world expands and the presence of the Internet takes over all areas of communication, so does malware. This new word means malicious software and its main mission is to infiltrate into any device without the user's prior knowledge. The legal sector has experienced ...
TIL - 10 March 2023
Facebook's trick to bypass European privacy laws uncovered: change one word
Irish regulators reportedly worked with Facebook to develop new terms of service to circumvent GDPR (European data protection law). That's the harsh accusation from nyob, the European digital rights center, an Austrian NGO focused on bringing GDPR-related lawsuits; but the one it filed in Ireland a...
Gema Gago - 03 November 2021
What the latest ruling of the ECJ means for service providers collecting personal data
A data subject intending to enter into a contractual relationship with a service provider often gives consent to the collection and storage of his or her data, but the validity of the consent can often be questionable. Service contracts often contain pre-formulated standardised statements of data su...
Andreea Berbece, LL.M - 06 December 2020
Lawyers in California focus on Privacy Law
California Lawyers Association (“CLA”) has announced the launch of its new formation: the new Privacy Law Section. This section will focus on thought leadership around the legal, regulatory, and business issues involving privacy in the digital age. CLA’s Privacy Law Section will pr...
TIL - 16 October 2020 United States of America
Much of society has begun to be concerned about the protection of their personal data on the Internet after confinement
During the confinement, data transmission has increased exponentially and many people have been victims of cyber attacks. The protection of personal data is a challenge faced by the entire population today. Ahmed Baladi asks, through the article "COVID-19: have individuals' privacy rights been impa...
TIL - 28 August 2020

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