20 April 2021

Discover the programme launched by Hogan Lovells to boost FinTech companies


The law firm Hogan Lovells launches its Global Fintech Mentor and Momentum program to bet on Fintech

FinTech is a term that is becoming fashionable among major players in the legal sector. Among the law firms most committed to FinTech is Hogan Lovells, which is leading its Global FinTech Mentor and Momentum programme for 2021-2022.

The application period for this programme is now open and interested companies, especially in the areas of banking, lending, payments, insurance, investments, RegTech and sustainable finance, can apply throughout 2021 for free or subsidised support from Hogan Lovells. The firm is committed to empowering the female FinTech community, and aims for at least half of successful applications to be from female-led FinTechs.

With the rise of FinTechs in the market it becomes necessary to analyse which of them have been founded by women, with 3% of all of them being founded by women since 2019, according to the Deloitte Insights study

"What we are seeing is that, despite the challenges of the pandemic, women-led FinTechs represent a well-managed and competitive investment proposition," says Emily Reid, head of FinTech and Innovation at Hogan Lovells. "However, investment levels are nowhere near those of their male-led counterparts. We recognise their potential and hope to harness it through our Global FinTech Mentor and Momentum Program this year, empowering women-led FinTechs to grow and achieve greater market share and investment."

The programme, launched by Hogan Lovells, has provided more than £1m in support of 25 FinTechs, providing each with up to £25,000 in free legal services, along with a 30% discount on free advice.

Hogan Lovells says it provides more than just legal advice to FinTechs.

"We offer more than just legal advice through our Global FinTech Mentoring Programme and Momentum, we share our extensive industry knowledge, connections, content and tools to help successful applicants launch, expand and succeed within a complex regulatory framework that is constantly evolving and can be difficult to navigate, but is essential for a long-term sustainable business," explains Rachel Kent, head of financial services regulation at Hogan Lovells.

Through the Global FinTech Mentoring Programme and Momentum, selected FinTechs can enjoy:

- Access to the firm's cross-border FinTech network.

- Networking with current and former mentees.

- Training opportunities through a series of company and industry events.

- An affordable package of corporate and regulatory advice, from contracts, compliance and partnership agreements to employment law, fundraising and structuring.

- Guidance on the financial services regulatory landscape for FinTechs post-Brexit, among other tools.

Hogan Lovells has advised other well-known FinTechs such as, for example, the UK's first internet bank. 

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