29 May 2021

How to deal with burnout at work


Aspects such as learning to enjoy work, helping other colleagues, or doing extra-work activities can help to avoid burnout in employees

Burnout is a disease that affects everyone equally and is present in all sectors. Professional women suffer greatly from burnout and, according to a study conducted by McKinsey, 25% of women surveyed who are actively working are considering leaving or reducing their career.  

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, there are tips to help address and combat burnout in the office.

Finding an optimal rhythm is a good idea in order to combat daily burnout. Now we ask ourselves: how to achieve the right rhythm during the working day? Each employee has to analyse which tasks give him or her an optimal rhythm and fill him or her with energy. 

This rhythm or positivity can also be obtained through extra-work activities, either through physical or mental activities (exercise, reading, writing, cultural visits). 

Helping other colleagues serves as therapy for those who are stressed. Collaboration and collaboration help to reduce the pressure generated by work and enhance the rapport between co-workers. In addition, learning new work techniques and doing different jobs is an additional additive to take your mind off work.

Learning to enjoy work is important. Work is often associated with boredom, stress and strictness. These values are negative and thinking about them every day can drain our morale. 

To avoid negativity it is crucial to think about the benefits of work, where it is leading us as professionals. It helps to think about the qualities we are gaining through our work, or the importance of working together with great professionals, or meeting new interesting clients who can bring different aspects to our lives. 

Facing our work with positivity will distract us from bad thoughts and also from possible burnout.

Leaders play a key role in matters of positivity within the work team. Holding meetings outside the office or building strong and constructive relationships also helps to avoid burnout in employees. 

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