14 July 2023

Media freedom has been achieved in South Africa and other legal news



The last month a Quran was burned in the city of Stockholm which caused the fury of the Muslim population. The Swedish justice minister has stated that they might be considering a new protest law. In addition, they have added that this type of incidents targets the country as an enemy of the jihadist violence which can cause serious problems in a near future.


The Turkish foreign minister, Hakan Fidan, has said that if a country as Sweden is not capable of preventing provocations among its population, that will bring problems to NATO.




The first female deputy speaker, Azalina Othman Said, is a Malaysian law minister that has made history in the Asian country as it is demonstrating the women’s power in the legal sector in one of most traditional and conservative countries in the world. She has grabbed developments in the scrapping of the country’s mandatory death penalty and also an important victory in a protracted legal battle that has gain popularity due to its name, Sulu case which is about the abuse of the arbitral process and international law.


South Africa

Foto gratuita cerrar en reportero tomando una entrevista


Media freedom has been achieved in South Africa as it has been approved a decisive legal win. The court has decided that journalists have rights to be free and do their job without any kind of problem or danger without harassment. It is an important step in the country’s access to the information in order to know about politics and what’s happening around the world.




The president of the National Securities Commission (CNV), Sebastián Negri, confirmed that the body is working on regulating companies that provide cryptocurrency services. The focus is on protecting users and generating a transparent market, coinciding with the vision of the authorities of the Central Bank (BCRA) and the Financial Information Unit.


The three organizations ensure that Latin America is advancing towards coordinated regulation and that it respects similar standards. Although the clauses remain unknown, there is a fact that allows us to know how crypto regulation will be in Argentina.

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