07 July 2023

Germany may legalize cannabis for recreational purposes and other legal news



Google sues India’s Competition Commission as the company is alleygating that in the Asian country they have a clear favoritism towards Amazon. The American business has stated that India is making changes to its business model in order to protect Amazon, one of the main rivals of Google. This has been transmitted to the Indian Supreme Court and the procedures will be developed during these weeks.




The country led by Xi Jinping passed a new law that was based in the anti-espionage in order to safeguard the interest of the national security of the country. But the consequences that is having in foreigners and their business are worsening day by day. The United States of America has cited that this will only put every single business at risk in the current socioeconomic hard situation as China could require in any moment all the data of a company in order to ensure their own security and political interests.




The German government published the draft law for the first pillar of its cannabis legalization process that will govern private and communal marijuana cultivation for recreational purposes. Germany expects the law to enter into force before the end of this year. Like Canada, Germany says one of the main goals of ending cannabis prohibition is improving public health – not any economic or financial reasons.




There remain “serious concerns” over the independence of the judiciary in Poland, the European Commission has noted in its annual report on the rule of law in EU member states. It found that there has been no progress in implementing six of the seven recommendations it made last year. As well as long-running concerns relating to the judiciary, media, lobbying, corruption and the prosecutorial service, the European Commission notes new issues that have arisen this year, including a recently introduced law creating a body that can ban politicians from holding office.


United States of America


The owner of Twitter, the billionaire Elon Musk, is considering taking legal action against Meta as they have created a similar app called Threads. Musk wrote on his social app that the competition will always be fine, but not cheating. Threads is gaining a lot of new users each day and Twitter sees it as a bad competence as it is not working in the correct way.

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