23 February 2023

Retain human talent in your office

For law firms, and especially those with long-term clients and working on long-term projects, it is crucial to have lawyers who will put their full trust in the project over the years. Staff volatility is one of the worst travelling companions of a law firm. If the turnover of a company's human resources is constant, this means that something is not going well in the company, either because the work environment or the workers' conditions are not good, or that the law firm is not going through a good business and economic moment.

Whatever the reason, the volatility of the workforce does not have positive effects, so it is advisable for companies to encourage their employees to remain in the law firm. But, What are the benefits for a firm to ensure the retention of its lawyers?


 - Better staffing

The fact that a significant number of lawyers manage to stay with the same firm over the years ensures that the team learns to work together, develop new qualities and skills, and learn from mistakes. 


 - Client confidence

One of the objectives that law firms pursue is client retention. Clients also want to be in close contact with a law firm that they can ask about any legal issue and rely on when they have to go to court. The permanence of the same lawyers can give a clear signal to clients that the firm is consistent, that it believes in a long-lasting project. Sudden staff changes can scare clients away. 


 - Productivity

Although new hires may outperform the quality of existing lawyers (or that is what is sought in most cases), the permanence of the same teams brings stability in terms of productivity. The experience of working among the same lawyers, as well as the assurance of joint training over the years, are incentives for productivity in a firm.


 - Better working environment

The atmosphere within a firm depends to a large extent on its economic performance and, in turn, on the firm's ability to retain its employees. If the organisation suffers from constant departures and new entries, it will create a climate of tension and uncertainty among employees. For lawyers, there is no more overwhelming feeling than not knowing what is going to happen to oneself or to colleagues in one's own department.

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