23 February 2023

How lawyers have to deal with a job interview

One of the most complicated situations for people is the job search. Lawyers study for years to be able to practice, achieving a brilliant academic training, and there are even some who already have a professional career. However, there are more and more requirements that lawyers must meet if they want to join a law firm.

The reason for this is that law firms want their firm to be made up of the best lawyers in the market and for clients to receive the best possible attention and experience. For this reason, when interviewing candidates for a job position there are many aspects and characteristics that they value before hiring a person.

Professional experience and academic background are some of the most important aspects that companies take into account, but they are not the only ones: the personal image and the confidence that the candidates transmit also influence the final decision of the company.

The most common interview mistakes

Despite having a good resume, sometimes they do not get the job they want and, in large part, it is due to nerves betraying them when they conduct a job interview. There are several factors that determine whether a candidate is selected, so it is important to avoid making the most common mistakes lawyers make during a job interview.

One of the most common mistakes is giving abstract answers. Interviewers ask about different aspects of the candidate's professional and personal life in order to learn more about the person who will start working at the firm. For this reason, the candidate has to give clear, concise and concrete answers. Confidence when speaking is a basic aspect to make a good impression.

Another of the most common mistakes people make is to criticize or give a bad image of the companies in which they have worked before. Despite having had a bad experience in previous jobs, these facts should not be transferred to the interviewer because that person does not know the background of the misunderstanding and can give rise to questions that determine the failure of the candidate for the job position. Also, speaking negatively about another company does not make a good impression because, if you ever leave the new company, they may think that you will also criticize it and you will be portraying a bad image of their business.

How to prepare for an interview

Here are some useful tips to help you be well prepared for a job interview

  • Research the company

Use the Internet to search for information about the firm and find out about its activity and the evaluations of other workers, and even evaluations of clients who have hired its services. The objective is to research about the history of the firm, its values, products and services offered in order to get an idea of what the law firm is like. In this way, you will find out what you have in common with the firm and whether it might fit the job you are looking for.

  • Let the interviewer set the pace

Employee initiative is a trait that is highly valued by firms, however, in interviews this rule is not enforced. You can show enthusiasm for the possibility of joining this job, but it is important that you do not interrupt the interviewer when he/she is talking. You should maintain a dialogue with the interviewer where he/she is the one who sets the pace and rhythm of the conversation.

  • Ask questions

During the job interview, many people prefer not to ask questions to the interviewer in order not to cause a possible negative image, however, this is a mistake. If you have not been well informed about the conditions of the job, ask for clarification.

  • Think about possible questions and answers

Although all interviews are different, some questions tend to be repeated in all companies, e.g. Why are you interested in the job? Why did you decide to train in this sector? What do you like to do in your free time?. Think about the possible questions you may be asked in the interview and prepare your answers so that you are prepared and respond naturally.

  • Think about your strengths

One of the most common questions that comes up in job interviews is What can you bring to the company?. This question refers to the strengths and skills you possess that can be useful to the company. You should highlight those strengths that characterize you and are in line with the job.

  • Have a good presence

Good appearance, hairstyle, hygiene and clothing, makes us more pleasing to the eye of others and projects a professional image of ourselves. Personal presentation is essential to achieve positive points and get the job, although the image you project generates more or less confidence in other people.

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