02 April 2021

How to build strong professional relationships


Working environment lawyers need to build strong relationships with their clients

The network of contacts has to be treated with trust and it is important to be aware of who are the most and least contributing clients. Alternating between these two types of clients can be beneficial. 

Therefore, selection is paramount, but multiple factors must be taken into account:

- Authenticity and sincerity.

Whoever starts a professional relationship out of mistrust and concealment knows that it will eventually fail.

Solid relationships are based on the sincerity of both parties, as well as on fluid communication. Each party needs to show authenticity, without the need to exaggerate successes that have not been achieved

- Share values and identify shared goals

A key relationship-building tip is to identify what the other party's goals are in order to find out how they can be more or less interested in what you have to offer

Values are an increasingly important aspect of firms. Each firm has specific values and working to ensure that these values are compatible with the values of your contact and client could facilitate coordination between the two. 

The lack of compatibility of values is one of the most common causes that precipitate the failure of a professional relationship.

- Respect

Regardless of the size of individual firms and the volume of business they hold, professionals need to be able to relate to each other with respect

It is through respect that professionals build strong relationships, based on a working rather than reputational commitment, as this element does not always guarantee the quality of a relationship.

- Mutual support

The more mutual support and companionship there is, the easier it is to create a secure and long-term relationship

The parties need to care about each other and analyse how they can help each other to increase their benefits. 

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