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13 February 2023

The increasement of the work commitment of the lawyers in your legal firm


Workers committed to the company are loyal workers who will want to continue providing their professional services in your law firm even when the company is not going through a good time.

Working in the labour commitment not only consists of ensuring that the lawyers' talent is retained in the law firm, but also brings many benefits for the company itself, including a decrease in staff turnover, since if they are happy in their job, they will not want to look for other job offers. It will also reduce absenteeism, quality defects and possible incidents.

On the other hand, commitment is a key factor in the performance of lawyers in a law firm. The greater the commitment of the workers with the company, the greater the productivity there will be and, consequently, the positive ratings of the clients will increase and with them, the good image of the legal firm. This translates directly into a greater demand for the company's services and an increase in the law firm's billing.

These are some of the strategies that law firms can incorporate to increase worker engagement:

1. Empathize with their problems

Personal, work and family problems can cause mental discomfort in workers. These circumstances affect in a negative way to workers during their work performance. Although the problems do not always have their roots at work, the company must empathize with its workers and try to offer them solutions so that they can reconcile all aspects of their lives, for instance, a reduction in working hours or working from home.

2. Value their services

It seems unimportant, but demonstrating the value of the lawyers' efforts is a fundamental element of motivation. Workers like to feel that their work efforts are valued and that their work serves the growth of the law firm. The recognition must be shown daily and during the work activity, not just when it ends. If they feel valued, their commitment to the organization will improve and they will try harder.

3. Increase your purchasing power

Those who say that money is not everything, lie. The main reason that moves a worker to choose between one job or another are the conditions offered by the company. Among those conditions, economic remuneration stands out. If the legal firm wants to minimize staff turnover, it must value an increase in salary from time to time.

4. Create a culture of transparency

Trust is key to job satisfaction. A good idea to increase commitment is to give voice to the employees of the law firm, that is, for lawyers to get involved in business strategies and feel part of the team. In order to achieve this, it needs to be possible the creation of a culture of transparency in the company, the organization's leaders must listen to the ideas and objectives of the workers.

5. Promote a good work environment

Generating a good work environment is the purpose that any legal firm should have. Promoting a safe space in which lawyers feel comfortable providing their legal services is very important. They will be happy and committed to their work.

There must be good internal communication, promoting respect and equality among team members, regardless of the position of power held by each partner in the law firm, and of course, the hours of the working day must be respected.

6. Increase your social benefits

Social benefits are the non-monetary remuneration that workers receive. This incentive is a detail that the company must reward lawyers for their commitment, maximizing their salary and reducing their worries. This action has a beneficial impact on the performance of workers, who will have the feeling that the company values ​​them and cares about their well-being.

In addition to improving the commitment and productivity of workers, social benefit programs also help improve the corporate image of the law firm.


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