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12 June 2020

Homes will be the new offices? A new survey reveals that it may be a reality

The Kung Group has elaborated a survey entitled “How and When will America return to Work” that reveals relevant transformational remote work trends within the venture-backed companies due to the Covid-19.

Relevant data shown in this survey are as follows:  

  • 70 percent of founders confirmed they reopen their offices and they would let some of their employees to work remotely.
  • 66 percent of founders are reconsidering their investments in their offices.
  • 76 percent of founders reported that employees’ productivity has maintained or increased as a result of working remotely.

"As we reviewed our survey’s findings and were surprised by some of the themes, we followed up with numerous founders to gain deeper insight into the thinking behind their responses. Those conversations were illuminating, and we have reached the conclusion that the proliferation of remote work, as the decade progresses, will create a ripple effect that results in these four trends", said Jocelyn Kung, CEO at The Kung Group.

This survey has revealed that homes will be the next main offices:

If COVID-19 stay-at-home orders were lifted tomorrow, would you return your company/team to the office?

The answer was no, according to 65% of 517 venture capital-backed founders.

Also, the survey revealed that the main measures that founders find useful to maintain safe their offices are:

  • Regular Sanitization / sterilization of all surfaces.
  • Stagger work schedules and set up rotations.
  • Limiting in-person contact with customers or external vendors.

When The Kung Group asked founders regarding when their employees will return to the offices, 60 percent of them consider they will occur on July-August-September. A significant 18 percent think they will return on 2021.


To read the full survey: https://docsend.com/view/7ymsgp5icc6zrzfc  

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