04 April 2021

Hybrid office assistance model: How to implement it in your law firm?


At the onset of the pandemic, thousands and thousands of companies were forced to organise full remote working for their employees

Many of them even considered no longer implementing face-to-face working in their offices, saving on maintenance costs and other related expenses.

The point is that not many companies are achieving similar results in terms of full implementation of remote working. A study by Gallup [1] shows that remote workers are 7% less likely to be able to connect with the company culture. 

And creating strong ties between workers and the firm's culture is very important for performance.

Law firms have also been considering what to do with their offices. While it is true that in Europe many firms maintain teleworking regimes, but also their offices, in the United States many firms have considered redesigning their offices in order to find a solution to the hybrid and mixed regime, which combines a telematic component with a face-to-face component (for meetings between department colleagues or with clients).

Hybrid mode is very common in countless international firms. Here are the aspects you should take into account if you want to implement it in your firm:

- Space

All the rooms in the office will have to be remodelled to make way for more social spaces for meetings, calls or conferences. The distance between chairs or tables must also be taken into account, so that you can comply with current virus regulations.

- Software and applications

Mixed working arrangements require that employees can work from home as well as from the office. Therefore, they must have desks available in the office, power chargers nearby, sufficient security space, WIFI. 

At the same time, it is crucial that workers work via cloud-based applications and software, so that if they ever change computers, they can work with the same documents and tools. 

- Culture

Through teleworking, business culture has been affected. It is important to use the office - or different applications - to hold meetings with workers, and to ensure safe and smooth communication with other workers. Meetings need to be regular so that all co-workers are aware of the company's progress.

You have to create a team feeling from home or from the office!

- Evaluation

As many workers are away from the office, it is difficult for managers to observe the performance and efficiency of workers. This is why it is necessary to regularly evaluate employees and collect data on the tasks they perform. 

By means of these evaluations, managers will be aware of all the actions that are being carried out and, moreover, the workload of their employees.

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