10 April 2021

Internal podcasts for lawyers? It can be possible!


Interview with Molly Beck, CEO of private podcasting software: Messy.fm

The Impact Lawyers has the pleasure to publish an interview made with Molly Beck, CEO of Messy.fm, an award-winning private podcasting software is trusted by dozens of teams across the Fortune 500, plus thousands of SMBs and individual creators.

What podcasting-related services does Messy provide to an organisation?

We focus on private podcasting for enterprises. Our intuitive web-based software makes it easy for executives, legal partners, and functional leaders to record, edit, and distribute private podcasts for their teams. It’s time to bring the power of audio into internal communications!

Are podcasting services usually exclusive to companies in a certain sector, or can they be ideal for all types of companies, including law firms?

Any workforce with distributed employees can benefit from talking to their employees in a communication method they're actually excited about: podcasts. We love working with enterprises across the professional services spectrum, including legal and accounting firms.

What are the use cases of an internal podcasting system for an organisation?

Our core use cases are: Internal Comms, Employee Engagement, and On-boarding/Training. Examples of each would be taking your virtual Town Halls or Company Updates and turning them into a private podcast, have executives do AMAs or “fly on the wall” sessions (scale that Lunch n Learn!), and making on-boarding fun with a “welcome to our company” podcast for new employees to listen to their first few days. Any content your are sharing with your first via text or video should also be repurposed into audio content, and our software makes it easy.

Is corporate podcasting on the rise?

YES! We are closely tracking the rise of workplace infotainment. Workplace infotainment is async, curated content that supports on-going internal priorities among executive visibility, employee engagement, and knowledge sharing. Podcasts are an ideal medium for workplace infotainment. 

What qualities does a podcast offer that other communication products (audiovisual or written) do not?

Podcasts are screen free, time zone agnostic, and easy to consume and create. It’s a workforce communication medium that employees are actually excited about. No one has been excited about a video-conferencing replay, but the same content repackaged into a private podcast is thrilling.

Have you collaborated with a legal company and do you think podcasting will revolutionise the legal sector?

Yes, we love working with legal teams and the legal field. We’ve done a partnership with the Law Firm Media Professionals and love doing trainings for their industrious members! 

Discover Messy.FM here

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