19 April 2021

Cyber-attacks? Tips to protect your law firm's website


The author gives some tips to protect your law firm from cyber-attacks

The Internet has become the marketplace where the vast majority of law firms do business. The pandemic has drastically reduced the number of trips and meetings to meet with clients and the image of law firms is viewed from a computer screen. 

Apart from the advantages of moving all work activity to the cloud, there are also considerable risks that every organisation should be aware of. 

Websites are a firm's most indispensable tool when it comes to showcasing itself to potential clients and creating status and visibility for its values. Many people know how to create websites, but do they know how to protect them from cyber-attacks? 

- Passwords

Password management is an important factor that organisations need to take care of, as most attacks on the Internet are caused by weak passwords. This management has to be done by the firm's IT team.

- Secure storage tools and software

This is a point that many organisations neglect. The documents that lawyers handle are stored in storage software on the Internet, but are these programmes the most secure? 

Each organisation needs to analyse which storage programme it believes to be the most secure and invest in it and create manuals for lawyers to use the same programme and to know how to store all documents in a secure way, so as to avoid using different storage programmes that only diversify the security of documents and generate lack of coordination. 

Document storage must be a unified element in the organisation.

- Update web software

Software and anti-virus software must be revised periodically. There is no point in investing in creating an innovative and modern website if you do not invest money and time in monitoring and updating it internally. 

- Protocol in case of cyber-attack

National laws are getting stricter and stricter about how organisations act when cyber-attacks occur and sensitive or confidential information of thousands and thousands of clients is exposed or even stolen. 

Law firms, as enforcers of the law, have to create protocols for action that set the guidelines for how to act in the event that the firm suffers a cyber-attack: deadline for informing data protection agencies and institutions, communication to clients of the cyber-attack, among other actions.

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