10 May 2022

How to attract clients for your law firm through SEO positioning

SEO positioning responds to the acronym Search Engine Optimization, something like optimizing the search engine. It consists of a set of techniques to place your website in the first results of specific user searches, which is an improvement in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), thus increasing the visibility of your law firm in the most popular browsers.


To begin with, it should be noted that Google is the most commonly used browser or search engine, with 92.31% of the market. And normally such user will change the formula employed in the search, before moving on to the next page of Google results. So if one thing is clear, it is that you have to follow the requirements of this browser strictly in order to improve SEO positioning and thus get many new customers.


Buying keywords or other Black Hat SEO techniques that violate Google's standards will not help you, because the algorithm has been perfected every time and your website will be penalized if you buy links or make inorganic use of keywords.


Always remember these two SEO positioning keys that Google prioritizes: if the user has a good experience, they will spend time on your website and will come back, they enjoy your content and interact with it; and if the content of your website adds any kind of value, users will share it and therefore your firm will gain popularity. Next, we will see what you should do and what you should not to improve your SEO and attract customers.


Of course, the main thing is to offer quality content. In the case of the website of your law firm, you have to provide your information in a clear, intuitive and aesthetic way. You must understand the client's mind regarding the keywords that they will use in their search, and from there create the content. Then mold it attractively so that the client spends time on the web, without losing the seriousness of your service.


Your web page must be perfectly optimized so as not to slow down the load and worsen the user experience. To do this, getting somewhat more technical, choose a good hosting (service where your website is "hosted", something like a landlord who rents you a space).


The images are going to be the biggest attraction, they are the first thing potential customers will notice when entering the web, or even before, since sometimes they appear as the first results when doing the research. It is recommended to compress them so that their weight does not slow down the research time, thus worsening the customer experience.


More technical aspects on which optimization will depend are a good hierarchy of content, as well as establishing a preferred domain, careful internal links and good attention to the performance of the web to attend to possible errors.


From Google they have already realized that most of the searches are carried out from mobile phones, so your website must also have a perfectly optimized mobile version, since the Google algorithm will prioritize those SEO results that best suit the small screen. A responsive layout is recommended, which will simply rearrange the content and you won't have to shrink it as the screen gets smaller.


Another highly valued aspect of SEO by Google is the meta description, that short summary of your page that will also help you position yourself above, according to the keywords that your future customers are looking for. This is not a determining factor, however, it will make a difference if Google defaults to any text on your page instead of this specific meta description.


So now you know, keep all these tips in mind and you will get your firm's website to gain SEO positioning.

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