06 May 2021

Innovation in mediation. Discover the programme launched by Winter Wheeler


Winter Wheeler has launched The Winter Wheeler Experience in order to change lawyers' perception of medication

Winter Wheeler is a professional mediator and arbitrator who combines legal professionalism with remarkable communication skills. Wheeler recently launched The Winter Wheeler Experience, an educational programme that aims to completely change the way legal professionals perceive medication. 

The Impact Lawyers interviews Winter Wheeler about her programme and its impact on the legal sector.


1. What is The Winter Wheeler Experience? 

The Winter Wheeler Experience is a private, members-only educational hub that aims to change the way the world views mediation. The programming is rooted in my mediation methodology, The Four Cornerstones of Mediation™, which focuses on social-emotional and cultural competencies to to effectuate conflict resolution. I realized in practice that The Four Cornerstones of Mediation™ are crucial to managing all of our relationships and personal interactions. Members of The Winter Wheeler Experience can expect a variety of educational classes, continuing legal education courses, special episodes of my podcast, The Mediate Now™, behind the scenes peeks at my life and work, and much, much more! I will eventually add a social aspect to the program, but that is a few months away from coming to fruition! 


2. Who can participate in this programme? 

Anyone can participate in The Winter Wheeler Experience! It is open to the public and membership is currently free! The goal of The Winter Wheeler Experience is to provide all those interested with information related not only to mediation, but to the general improvement of communication skills. We have members who are attorneys, dispute resolution professionals, insurance professionals, and from lots of non law-related industries. 


3. What needs have you seen in the legal sector that you intend to address through this programme? 

In my mediation practice, I realized that a lot of legal and insurance professionals did not fully realize the way in which mediation can and should be utilized. Mediation is certainly an excellent tool to bring legal disputes to a close, but it can also be a great way to simply learn more about the facts of a case, the parties, and opposing counsel. I also noticed that many were lacking the natural ability to separate their personal opinions and feelings with the facts and law at issues, and also lacked the communication skills necessary to have a productive and effective negotiations. Much of that was rooted in an inability to relate to their opposition for any number of reasons. People should constantly seek to improve their communication skills and The Winter Wheeler Experience will help to make that endeavor easier by aggregating relevant viewing, listening, and reading materials. 


4. What strengths do you see in this programme? 

What is great about The Winter Wheeler Experience is that it is rooted in the belief that everyone can enhance their communication skills, improve their personal relationships, and reach their personal goals. The content will suit various interests, but all of it will be designed to help each person reach their individual goals. Providing educational programming and free continuing education courses is just icing on the cake! 


5. Is The Winter Wheeler Experience a product of innovative entrepreneurship among legal professionals? 

The Winter Wheeler Experience is certainly a product of my entrepreneurial and creative spirit. I saw gaps in the way mediation was being conducted, sought to improve upon it, and in the process realized that my methodology can apply to every aspect of our lives. I have a strong desire to get that message out to the world, which is what led to the development of The Mediate Now™ podcast. It only made sense to take it a step farther and to create a space for additional, creative ways to spread the message.


6. Is there a lack of entrepreneurship among legal professionals?

Many legal professionals are natural entrepreneurs, but often do not realize that they have the traits! We own and operate firms, sell ourselves to clients, and market our skills. There is no lack of entrepreneurship among legal professionals!

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