09 April 2021

Three reasons that lead lawyers to leave law firms


Lack of interest, underutilisation of talent and lack of connectivity are reasons why lawyers leave law firms

Law firms are companies that generally undergo a lot of staff turnover. This can seriously affect the viability of the law firm itself, as many departments embark on lengthy projects that require stability of employment for those who work in them. 

What are the reasons why it is difficult for a law firm to retain staff?

- Lack of interest

Lawyers tend to be highly motivated professionals. They are able to endure long working hours and are often rewarded by working on relevant transactions or by thinking about a better future career

The important thing for a law firm to do is to connect its interests with those of the lawyer. They have to be directed towards a joint or similar end

Lack of interest is also caused by a lack of communication between the lawyer and his or her superiors. The firm has to take care of its lawyers, not only financially, but also in terms of their motivation and professional goals.

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, the main reason why employees leave their jobs is the lack of career progression.

- Underutilisation of talent

Every lawyer is assigned daily tasks and is directed to one project or another. One task for managers is to observe what tasks each of the lawyers they manage is good at. If a lawyer is assigned tasks that have nothing to do with his or her competence, or that are below his or her professional level, it can undermine his or her morale and interest in working to the best of his or her ability. 

- Lack of connectivity

Connectivity between members of the department is essential. Group and individual meetings are a good tool to achieve greater rapport between lawyers

To improve connectivity, the firm needs to encourage meetings, whether professional or extra-professional, and keep employees connected to each other and to the values of the firm they represent. 

When a lawyer does not identify with the ideals of a firm, he or she loses all interest in the firm and the work it does.

On the other hand, leaders play a fundamental role in motivating lawyers. If they are not a professional example for them, it is very difficult for them to feel satisfied with their work. In fact, the Deloitte study states that 22% of workers leave their jobs mainly because of dissatisfaction with their bosses. 

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