31 March 2021

Key factors to improve your firm's selection process


Lawyer recruitment processes are one of the most relevant issues facing firms. Analysing what elements can be improved in these processes can be beneficial in the future

The following questions can be asked: Is the channel through which we are launching the recruitment process the right one, can the quality of the process be improved, what is the best method to detect the best skills of the selected lawyers, and what about first impressions?

What about first impressions? 

A law firm must invest effort in portraying an image in line with its values, but there is a fine line between portraying reality and portraying a distorted image of the organisation. 

Law firms today are concerned with design, with the way they communicate to clients and potential employees. 

The first impression a candidate gets is vital. That is why in the selection process you have to show sincerity, transparency and a clear communication.

Do you publish realistic job advertisements?

Job advertisements are the document and the cornerstone of the recruitment process. Descriptions should be clear and simple. The requirements must be realistic and in line with the needs that the firm intends to cover (not everything has to do with academic excellence or extensive experience in large firms). 

It is a good idea to specify the working tools to be used on a day-to-day basis. It is also important to point out what soft skills are required or expected of the new employee.

Video interviews?

Circumstances force us, in many cases, to conduct interviews by telematic means. This method has advantages and disadvantages. The positive aspects of conducting interviews online are that it reduces travel time and saves money. 

A clear disadvantage is the lack of human contact in the interview, as many factors are hidden behind the video camera. Video calls also turn conversations into a mechanical exercise lacking in humanity, which can make it difficult to find the aforementioned soft skills.

Do you ask specific questions?

Yes, it is important to consider whether the right questions are asked during the selection process. In general, law firms are not very creative when designing the questionnaire for candidates

It is therefore necessary to spend several minutes designing the questions. Obviously many of the questions will be professionally related, but personal questions can also help you to pinpoint the candidate's qualities in more detail. 

Do you test candidates?

This is another issue that is not addressed in depth in most law firms. A selection process can be structured in several phases, which may include personal interviews, group interviews and even tests. 

Tests are very relevant, as they provide more practical content about the candidates. Tests can be used to measure, on a small scale, the candidate's improvisation skills, resilience, collegiality or, for example, creativity

Testing is a crucial element to be taken into account and designed according to the ideals of the firm. Just as direct communication has been affected by video calls, testing can be made more difficult when conducted over the internet, as it is difficult to monitor the candidate's reactions

Whatever the strategy of your law firm's recruitment process, what needs to be taken into account is whether it is structured in such a way as to ensure that you detect the model of lawyer that your own firm needs, both from a professional and human point of view.

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