05 April 2021

Lawyr, an app for matching lawyers


RollOnFriday, the world’s leading legal community website, has created Lawyr, a dating app for people in the legal community and those who want to meet them

It is a world first and since launching in March 2021 has already achieved a global following from London, Sydney, Houston to Minsk. Lawyr is available on iOS and Android.

RollOnFriday was founded more than 20 years ago and achieved success after noting that despite cultural differences, lawyers around the globe have much in common, face similar pressures and enjoy the same sense of humour. Most dating apps are built by tech companies. Everyone who works at RoF is a lawyer and understands its community. With its reputation and following RoF is uniquely placed to launch such a dating app.

Matthew Rhodes OBE, founding Director of RoF comments: “It’s often easier to date someone with whom you have a lot in common. Even if you’re not both lawyers, working in the same sector really helps. It also means that your date will be sympathetic when you cancel half an hour before you’re due to meet because the side letter hasn’t signed. This dating app can do the heavy lifting while you’re stuck in a meeting room getting flogged by clients to complete a deal or pitch by dawn.”

Lawyers should date other lawyers, according to Jamie Hamilton, co-developer of Lawyr and RoF news editor: “Lawyers are a great catch. After all, ‘Lawyer’ is a shorthand for brains, security, and a devotion to justice - all superb qualities in a partner. And they can deal with the insurer if your luggage gets lost.”

James Dennison, co-developer of Lawyr and RoF journalist, explains how it works: “The app’s main rule is that users must either work in the legal profession or want to meet someone who does. So, legal types can match with other legal folk, or with people outside the sector. The only restriction is that one half of the match has to be in the legal profession, so non-lawyers can’t search for other non-lawyers.”

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