20 May 2021

Corporate culture and diversity: two relevant factors for your law firm


When hiring a lawyer, the corporate culture and internationalization of the law firm must be taken into account to be successful

When hiring new lawyers, it is very common to consider hiring professionals for cultural reasons, but few firms are aware of the real benefits of approaching this type of hiring appropriately

First and foremost, in order to make the right recruitment of professionals, it is important to ensure that they fit in perfectly with the firm's prevailing corporate culture. But it is also beneficial to hire lawyers who can complement or add different values to the culture of the law firm

"Corporate culture starts with a general vision, but it has to be followed by careful and consistent procedures and policies that at the same time are not overwhelming for employees and, ultimately, by mechanisms that are properly established and maintained. The above elements do not work separately, but must be combined," commented lawyer Margolzata Fituch. 

- DNA of the firm

Diversity in hiring can attract creativity and the search for original and different strategies from those previously in place. When it comes to new hires, it is necessary to ensure that the values of the new hires do not contradict the firm's established values

It is not just a matter of adding a different culture to the firm's existing one, but also of periodically re-evaluating the firm's own DNA

- Globalisation

Another factor to take into account is globalisation. More and more law firms are opting to provide services to international clients. Hiring lawyers from different countries would be a good option when undertaking an internationalization strategy for the firm

In the end, each organisation will decide which candidate will be best for them to hire. There are many factors that end up determining the hiring of one or the other. Nevertheless, diversity is an increasingly sought-after factor in large law firms, and can be a determining factor in establishing corporate culture.

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