21 March 2022

Ironclad: contract management for the digital age

Contracting had never been so easy, Ironclad presents the fastest mean for contract lifecycle management, made for companies to reduce up to 80% time on contract workflow. This innovative app shows the power of digital contracting and uplifts businesses to achieve goals through operational efficiency, streamlines cross-functional collaboration, and minimization of risks.

Founders Jason Boehming (CEO) and Cai GoGwilt (CTO) developed Ironclad Inc. by putting together a group of engineers, lawyers and other legal professionals to present a simple and flexible solution for legal terms. Their success is already here, not only from the opinions of users but also recognized by multiple awards they received since the start-up launched, for instance the Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startups in 2020.

Ironclad has strong values oriented to take legal teams to the next level, and this is how they have become the leading digital contracting platform. They believe that legal professionals should be doing legal work, not paperwork; so with their software all the administrative procedures are left for a computer while the humane team can focus on the substantive work. Moreover, they recognize the risks involved on contracting documents when poorly managed, or when you have to use multiple tools you don’t even remember where each thing is, to avoid these dangers and chaos, better have all together and clearly displayed.

Its core features reunite support for all types of contracts (sales, procurement, marketing, HR, etc.), not only considering “what´s on it” but also its generation, negotiation, approval, signature and storage. All agile and adaptable, since emailing and communicating in general turn into major blockers to our evermore interconnected world, with Ironclad it is now possible to involve all stakeholders updated with the latest information at all moments, making negotiations easier and more productive. Thanks to a dynamic repository that facilitates many tasks such as agreement terms or contract renewals. Furthermore, the design of the app proposes a brand simple and intuitive software for both administrators and consumers, perfect for the modern era, even integrating cloud storage and eSignature.

And they just developed a new tool named Connect which centralizes communication between your team and the counterparty, also facilitating the access to any other stakeholder at any time. A free product now available for Ironclad customers. Connect permits an acceleration of contract completion by building a central location in which sharing, updating and approving agreements is now done saving up 43% time. Collaborating in a single, secure and neutral location means reaching common ground faster and more efficiently, in the form of comments, task assignments, track changes and reference documentation

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