Giorgia Vulcano

Digital Ethics Manager at AB in bev

Originally from Rome, Giorgia studied law in Italy, Spain and the US and is currently a member of the NY Bar and the Madrid Bar. She started her professional path in Latin America as a lawyer specializing in human rights, and working on cases of impunity and human rights violations committed by military dictatorships.

She later moved on to work as a legal counsel in both global organizations and digital start-ups across Europe. Throughout her career she has worked closely with CEOs, top level managers and leaders as well as developers and marketing, among others, helping cross-functional teams define the legal path to development and innovation from a sustainable and human-centered perspective. It was within this context that she experienced design thinking and the agile methodology in their natural environment, a path which redefined her role as a lawyer.

Today, she is increasingly focusing on the legal and ethical implications arising from emerging technologies, applying legal design to remove silos and facilitate cross-functional teamwork. She uses workshops as a tool to co-create value and to foster collaboration amongst professionals with diverse and unusual perspectives, where lawyers are not just external advisors, called in at the end of a given process, but real team players.

As a lawyer and a legal designer, she helps teams work, from the very early stages of a project, on the actual (not surmised) causes of the problems that are being addressed and creatively explore for opportunities to solve them. Building a common language and allowing each stakeholder to visualize and understand the direction and progress of a project, are critical areas of her work.


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