Eva Guerra

Lawyers' coach

Let yourself be guided!

Do you want a growing mindset, make positive changes and your life and achieve short-term results?

Then the Eva Guerra Coaching Academy is the right place for you!

Experience more freedom, peace and balance and your life.

Eva helps you to believe again in your purpose and your vocation as a lawyer through coaching provides practical tools in which you will experience much more energy and focus.

If you are a lawyer and want...

  • Do you want to live a more relaxed and balanced life?
  • Do you want to use your time more efficiently?
  • Do you want to experience much more energy?
  • Do you want to stay focused and achieve goals?
  • Do you want to overcome your procrastination?
  • Do you want an action plan that fits your vision?

Discover how Eva can inspire your life so that you can achieve your goals

achieve and experience more joy and peace in your life.

I am here to help in-house attorneys, law firms, and legal departments be successful by providing simple, practical tools that promote leadership, work, and team and well-being.

Find out what your mission is and why you want to be the advocate who can change the world.

Eva's vision and mission

Let Eva Guerra train you!

Learn business and career development strategies. Learn to delegate, organize and manage your office. Develop the marketing skills that every attorney needs to be successful. Learn the art of communicating effectively and building relationships. Find the balance you seek in your life and career as a lawyer.

Eva is a Certified Master Coach, CBT Trainer, NLP and Business Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner. Eva works with attorneys so they can focus on developing and acquiring leads and creating strategies to improve performance and profitability. Clients are learning your proven methods to help them increase sales and billable hours while giving them time for personal growth.

Eva has earned a reputation as "The Law Coach" for her success in helping attorneys and law firms improve their goals and increase their performance.

Eva is committed to helping attorneys and is available as a dynamic speaker to a large audience, as a professional coach to help them think through what obstacles need to be resolved and overcome in order to achieve all their desired goals. Eva is also a trusted advisor for individual attorneys.

Eva captivates and inspires with her energetic presentations and tools that are engaging, informative, interactive, and packed with practical advice.

She invites you to her "Ask Me" page to submit questions. More information:



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