Brian Maphosa

Regional Director at THE ALPHA GROUP INTERNATIONAL. Business Coach. Author.

Brian Maphosa is Regional Director with The Alpha Group, and expert HR Practitioner. His goal is straightforward… to help serious business owners generate more clients, close more sales and increase their overall revenue and profits… quickly and inexpensively.

The services he provides is to those truly interested in adding extra to their bottom-line revenue over the next 12 months… without selling more time for money….

Over the years, Brian has developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small business owners in the type of volatile economy we have today.

His experience both in the corporate sector and in his coaching business has helped him develop the skills to quickly and effectively teach business owners how to successfully apply the right strategies in the right order that allows them to grow their business to its maximum capacity.

Brian and his team have spent more than 10 years developing the E-Learning Marketing System to grow their business. Get a complimentary copy of Brian recently published book 'The Golden Nuggets in Your Business- Finding an Extra 10K in 45 Minutes'


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