16 November 2020

The Innovations Lab of DAC Beachcrof develops digital animation solution to make insurance claims easier

Two new products have been launched by the Innovations Lab of international law firm DAC Beachcroft, that have been developed in its claims research and development hub and have the aim to guide and support clients and their customers through the insurance claims journey.

The Customer Care package that has been created by the firm, following feedback from insurers and their customers, compromises a series of short animations which explain, simply and clearly, the key stages that a litigated insurance claim may pass through from start to finish. Also, they point out what insurers' customers can expect at each stage and what action they might be required to take.

The bite-size videos, which explain key procedural steps in a case, will be sent by SMS to the customer's smart phone immediately prior to the corresponding stage of the litigation process. URL links and QR codes for each animation will also be included in other communications sent by the firm's lawyers to customers at each stage of the claim.

According to Peter Allchorne, partner and Head of DAC Beachcroft's Innovations Lab, the goal of the new Customer Care package and the videos included is to demystify the claims process for their insurer client´s policyholders and witnesses, as well as the commercial clients, so that the customer journey can be improved on the long run. Frequently answered questions are answered in the animations, reassuring the clients and making the claims process easier for them. This improves the clarity and understanding of the experience and the expectations that exist, especially if their case goes to trial.

Furthermore, an E-Sign service has been introduced by the firm's Claims Solutions Group, enabling its clients and their customers to review and sign documents electronically. Peter Allchorne states that "the introduction of digital e-signatures will further improve the customer experience, enabling our insurer clients’ policyholders and witnesses to review and approve documents at their convenience from a PC, tablet or smartphone".

These latest two products from DAC Beachcroft´s Innovations Lab follow on from the launch last year of BAIL, an online AI-powered motor liability assessment tool, developed jointly by DAC Beachcroft with InsurTech  start-up, Automated Insurance Solutions, and Audatex, the motor repair and claims flow solutions specialists.

Launched in 2016, DAC Beachcroft's Claims Solutions Innovations Lab enables DAC Beachcroft to collaborate with colleagues, clients, and the wider insurance industry, to design, prototype, test and deliver new ideas for commercial products and services, and future claims solutions.

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