11 October 2021

Factors for hiring new lawyers


When hiring new lawyers, some essential qualities must be taken into account: Commitment, Soft Skills, Diversity and Technological Adaptation

There are countless law firms that, due to their size or organisational structure, do not have recruiting professionals, and these services are outsourced or directly handled by the firm's own lawyers. 

In the second case, as there is no experience in recruiting new lawyers, mistakes can be made when hiring, and it is essential to take into account certain qualities that will mark this year's recruitment processes:


One of the characteristics that is most required when organising a recruitment process is to ensure that the candidates' experience is carefully monitored. Nowadays, many of the processes are held telematically, and this can be positive (cost savings), but at the same time negative (distorted view of the firm, lack of human contact).

Through a selection process that seeks to maximise the candidate's experience, the aim is to achieve a certain commitment on the part of future lawyers. This factor is crucial, as law firms have to recruit for the long term.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills are characteristics that many recruitment professionals do not take into consideration during the selection process. Soft skills include adaptability, emotional intelligence and work ethic, all of which are essential factors in an organisation, and even more so after the transformation that all law firms have undergone following the onset of the pandemic. 

It can be very beneficial for a law firm to hire new lawyers with a high capacity for adaptability and flexibility. 


Diversity is one of the most important issues for many firms, especially when remote working has become the norm. Diversity can also be beneficial for a law firm in attracting foreign clients, as having a workforce with diverse language skills broadens the spectrum of potential clients.

Technological adaptation

There is no doubt that all sectors, and the legal sector in particular, will be affected by the current digital revolution. Being technologically savvy is a prerequisite for the lawyers of today and tomorrow. 

Many law firms are making use of technological tools, either to automate their work or to improve the quality of their work. 

As many lawyers are likely to work long hours from home, it is important for them to be technologically savvy. 

In fact, a number of firms hire professionals who live in cities or countries other than their offices, making it even more imperative that they are self-reliant in terms of technology skills. 

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