03 March 2021

Enrique Ceca (Ceca Magán): "The biggest challenge has been to ensure the quality of the advice provided by the local firm"


The Impact Lawyers publishes an interview with Enrique Ceca, Partner and Head of Internationalisation at Ceca Magán. This interview and others can be found in the Survey on the internationalization of law firms

What is the strategy you have followed in internationalising the firm? Why? 

At CECA MAGÁN we are clear that internationalisation is one of the key pillars of our growth and business model, which is why we have decided to opt for a policy based on establishing alliances with specialised law firms that provide an extraordinary quality service in the key areas required by our clients in their respective countries, and that share our business philosophy. 

Having specific, value-added alliances in the countries of the world in which our clients have interests or business is the best way to ensure the best service for a law firm of our characteristics. 

At the same time, thanks to our international partners, we are collaborating in the implementation and development of investment opportunities in Spain, and accompanying international clients in their business in our country. 

Whichever model you have chosen to grow internationally, what are the biggest challenges you have faced? 

The biggest challenge has been to ensure the quality of the advice provided by the local firm. For this, the alliance's recruitment and incorporation process is key

On the other hand, quality must be accompanied by a lot of agility in the advice, especially in today's way of doing business. In order for clients who are used to our way of working to maintain the same speed of response in the management of their affairs, we carry out important coordination work from our law firm. 

How has the COVID-19 crisis affected your international growth strategy?

The global pandemic has shown that the legal problems faced by companies internationally are very similar. For this reason, in our firm throughout the 2020 complex we have strengthened and greatly enhanced our service to our clients, joining the most relevant alliances on the global legal scene, such as First Law International (FLI) - Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), and CELIA Alliance, and maintaining our presence in the CICERO alliance to which we have belonged since 2008.

Currently, our international coverage reaches more than 150 jurisdictions around the world.


This survey was conducted through Venize Comunicación between December 2020 and January 2021.

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