15 February 2021

8 tips: Improve the quality of your services. Win customers over


Law firms continuously provide services to their clients, and often do so under tight time constraints, directly impacting the quality of the services they provide 

Therefore, they should consider a few simple tips to improve the development of their own organisation in order to increase the quality of their services.

1. Improvements are achieved with effort

Improving services requires strategies, time and resources. This process is not simple and requires time and persistence. It may involve more financial effort or more human effort, or both

You cannot expect to change the working mentality in your firm in one day.

2. Be clear about the type of business 

You have to establish perfectly what kind of services you want to provide, which clients you think will be interested in your services, which geographical areas you are interested in covering, in which sectors you want to specialise. 

There is no point in having human capital (workers) and dedicating many hours of work to it if you are not clear about your targets and objectives. You will only waste time!

3. How to reach customers?

Generally, clients do not have the time to search the Internet for the best law firm that suits them in terms of quality and price. It has to be the law firms that attract the client

Therefore, think about the most direct and efficient ways to get in touch with your potential clients. Use social networks, create mainstream content (podcasts, videos, webinars). Raise your firm's voice.

Invest in your firm's brand to make it attractive, clear and professional.

4. Evaluate your actions

There is no point in spending countless hours on tasks if you can't see the impact of each one of them. If you do not evaluate your efforts, you will never know if what you have done is beneficial for the firm, or if you need to change your strategy.

It is advisable to monitor your competitors to see what strategies they are implementing and whether or not they are working.

All strategies have to be aimed at being able to carry them out and to be able to measure their impact. Try to plan actions that you know are achievable

Don't think about the impossible. Focus on what you know your firm can achieve.

5. Find a successful formula. And repeat it

It is normal that when you start with a project from scratch, most of your actions do not obtain beneficial results. Entrepreneurship and negotiation means constantly looking for formulas that guarantee the success of your actions, and the satisfaction of your clients.

Once you have a formula that suits your firm and your clients, repeat it. Use that formula to innovate and increase your profits.

6. Client experience

Your firm does not have to be an ordinary law firm. It is not enough to provide a service to a client and forget about them forever. Nor is it good enough to neglect your clients.

Focus on giving your clients a pleasant and exclusive treatment. Be transparent with them when explaining solutions to their problems. Explore with them the best ways to help them and make them expand in their sector. 

A law firm is not a problem solver, it is an advisor and a firm to trust. Win your client over.

7. Keep in touch with your clients

Clients deserve to be treated well and if it is personalised, so much the better. If you can physically see your clients, do so. If you can only communicate with your customer remotely, call them. Email would be the last option.

The client has to feel safe with your firm, especially if you are providing legal services. The trust generated between your firm and your clients is essential. The personal connection is very important when it comes to creating bonds with your potential clients.

8. Test and repeat

Every action you take will lead to a profit or loss. You can learn from all of them. You will also learn from your customers.

You can learn from everything, take advantage of it!

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