21 September 2020

7 tips to manage your law firm successfully

Many lawyers wonder how to run a law firm, especially in these uncertain times.

There is no guide that tells you how to successfully run your law firm, but if it helps, the New York State Bar Associaton presents 7 tips to fear success with your law firm:

1. Create a business plan

It is essential in law firms that aspire to success. You have to take into account the firm's objectives, financial plans, and the expenses that the firm itself can afford.

2. Create a procedure manual for your firm

These manuals will ensure the efficiency and consistency of the firm's legal practice management. In this sense, through the manual you must establish how the work must be done, how to standardize procedures, how to be more productive every day, what technology to use (or application) for each task that is exercised in the law firm.

3. Invest in the marketing and branding of your law firm

Marketing for a law firm is essential, as it generates business and gets customers. Determine the image that clients have with respect to your competition. Investing in marketing will attract clients through other channels that you had not originally considered.

4. Invest in improving your team

Having the best lawyers and professionals on the market does not guarantee success. You have to improve your lawyers' skills, try to organise personal meetings with them, provide them with training courses and send them to conferences.

5. Find out how your law firm is performing

Knowing how your law firm acts and works guarantees that you know what can be improved about your firm. The secret is to maintain a constant tracking system of your firm's activity.

The idea is to decide which performance indicators to constantly monitor (e.g. income, new cases, hours billed in each operation), and to carry out a periodic check to be able to render accounts.

6. Establish a high standard of customer service

It is essential to offer your client a high quality service. To do this, it is necessary to analyse each client in detail, to know in what way your services can benefit them

This requires a lot of communication with the client, asking questions, knowing clearly their problems and objectives.

7. Be prepared to guide your law firm through the change

The legal sector is constantly changing, which requires firms to constantly renew and innovate. The important thing is to allow your law firm to adapt to any change. To anyone

To do this you can count on the advice of experts - external professionals - when the situation requires it, and take advantage of technology to improve your firm in the sense of improving its efficiency, competitiveness and client generation.

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