Carsten Reimann Dr. LL.M. MLP-HSG

Founder of Xenion Legal, now Vario from Pinsent Masons. Co-host of Lawyers on Fire

Carsten Reimann began his career as a lawyer in a Magic Circle firm and later moved to an automobile manufacturer. In 2011 he started Xenion Legal, the first German lawyer-on-demand service. After running the company for almost 10 years, he sold his shares to a strategic investor and is now helping to take the idea of the "happy lawyer" to the next level.

Carsten is a veteran in the field of legal innovation. As early as 1992, while still a student at the University of Edinburgh, he set up his first expert system after discussions with Neil McCormick and Richard Susskind in the jurisprudence seminar. In 2015 he created Europe's first legal guidance system, the mother of the Legal Chatbots. Since 2016 Carsten has been running the Lawyers on Fire podcast on Innovation, Passion and Purpose together with Professor Jochen Deister.

He is a church musician, father of three and enjoys spending time in Italy.

The author is always open for feedback and ideas. The interested reader can contact him via LinkedIn or the website



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