17 June 2020

UnitedLex acquires Paul Hastings´ Data Science team and AI-driven technology services group

As announced in a press release of the technology and legal services company UnitedLex on the 11th of June, 2020, they advance a suite of digital offerings with the acquisition of Paul Hastings´ multi award-winning Data Science, Analysis, and Investigations (DSAI) team and its AI-empowered technology services group. 

Paul Hastings is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative global law firms, with a strong presence throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. UnitedLex´ is committed to delivering full-scale Digital Legal Transformation, with renowned law firms and law departments relying on their expertise in more than 25 global jurisdictions. The two firms now join together in what they call a “First-of-its-Kind Acquisition”, meaning a natural evolution for both firms. 

The deal recognizes the strengths of both companies, which collectively create an unprecedented market offering, combining Paul Hastings´ world-leading innovations in the field of AI and data science and the application in Law with UnitedLex´s prominent international position in the areas of Digital Legal Transformation, litigation, investigations, and data management, extraction, and analysis. 

While reinforcing its own long-established data and AI capabilities, UnitedLex will add economies of knowledge and scale to further expand the value Paul Hastings´ lawyers provide their clients. In addition, the acquisition allows to bring the DSAI offering to markets beyond Paul Hasting´s own lawyers and clients, benefiting from UnitedLex´s world-class development team and global reach, together with the firm´s legal domain expertise and significant investment potential. As to UnitedLex, this transformative combination will make an imprint on the legal industry as a whole. 

As part of the DSAI acquisition, UnitedLex will gain an elite team of legal, mathematical, and data science experts, along with the underlying technology platform developed by the group.

Tom Barnett, Senior Vice President and Divisional general Counsel at UnitedLex, established the DSAI team with the support of Paul Hastings´ management six years ago and will continue to lead the team. He comments on the acquisition: “It’s an incredible opportunity to realize the full potential of what we started during a time when most law firms were not even thinking about—let alone developing—AI and machine learning technology to solve legal problems. We will now be in a position to expand the model to serve legal departments and law firms worldwide. The incubation and development of the team would not have been possible without the extraordinarily bold vision of Paul Hastings’ leadership”

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