22 June 2020

The Prosperity Project: Canadian women protect themselves from the consequences of COVID-19

The Prosperity Project (TPP) is a non-profit organization created by Canadian women leaders to address the devastating impact of COVID-19 on society, especially on women's opportunities. 

TPP's main objective is to help women who have been disadvantaged by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, this organization wants to bridge the gap between women of different races, as well as other groups such as LGBTQ2+ and refugees.  

“TPP was conceived by a diverse group of more than 50 female leaders from across Canada who will be actively supporting TPP in important ways.  The organization was founded and is being led by Women’s Executive Network and Canadian Board Diversity Council Founder, Pamela Jeffery”, explains the organization on its website.

At the moment, TPP is looking for sponsors to finance their initiatives. Initially, this Canadian organization proposes 5 initiatives:

- Match professionals in the private sector with non-profit organizations

Helping NPOs reimagine their business and funding strategies in light of the challenges faced under our “new normal” – for the short, medium and long-term.

- Conduct and publish annual data tracking

Inclusive research on women in executive roles in FP500 organizations to increase transparency, accountability, and inform policies and best practices around gender equality and succession planning.

- Undertake and publish a national long-term prosperity study

Gain a better understanding of the factors affecting women’s prosperity and find practical solutions to influence change at a national level.

- Tracking Women’s Spending Power

The Prosperity Project™ Household Spending Index is our new creation, measuring the month to month variation in economic activity as indicated by a panel of diverse women from across Canada in all social economic categories, representative of Canada’s population. Women make or influence 70-80% of household purchases and we wanted to ensure their economic power is tracked and amplified.

- Friends of The Prosperity Project

We invite you to join our Visionaries as a Friend of The Prosperity Project. Friends will play an important role in helping us grow, connecting Canadians from coast to coast in order to protect and improve women’s and girls’ economic security and prosperity in the Covid-19 pre-recover, recover and post-recovery periods.

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