14 October 2022

Five reasons to invest in Social Ads

Investing in social networks (RRS) is becoming common for companies that want to enhance their brand. This phenomenon is not limited to large firms, but rather, firms with a few years of experience use these applications to make themselves known.

It is not enough to have a presence on the internet because there is more and more competition and it is more difficult to reach the entire potential audience if you do not invest economically in social networks. For this reason, it is essential to use Social Ads as a marketing strategy to advertise in the digital world and get even closer to the target audience.

But, what are Social Ads? Simply when this term is coined it is to refer to advertising on social networks. These are those publications that are shared on the Internet for promotional purposes and to which a budget is applied in order to reach a larger audience, not just followers.

Costs per result are low

It is cheaper for a firm to invest in Social Ads than in other digital marketing strategies or in other media because the results obtained are more profitable in relation to the investment made. The budget for each campaign will depend on the economic resources available and the results that are desired, but campaigns can be carried out with very tight budgets and achieve the advertising objectives without having to make large outlays.

Real time data

Social Ads, unlike traditional advertising tools, give you the advantage of viewing campaign data in real time. You have access at any time to the impact you are having on users through detailed statistical analysis.

constant monitoring

The advantage offered by digital advertising is that you can control at all times if the data is reaching the previously set objectives and, if it is not, make changes in the design, in the location of the ads, in the public objective, withdraw the campaign or even modify the investment.

Audience segmentation

Knowing the needs and desires of your potential customers is very important to be able to know what they expect from you and what you can offer them, therefore, segmenting the audience is essential for any advertising campaign so as not to lose money. With the amount of information that there is in social networks about users, it is easy to carry out a segmentation. Social Ads make a filter system available to advertisers that allows them to define very precisely the public to which the campaign is directed based on the characteristics of the users, such as location, age, gender, etc.


The majority of the population and, what is even more important, of the target use different social networks on a daily basis, so there is the possibility of showing the ads to a wide audience in a short time. Social Ads usually have the advantage of being able to distribute the advertising campaign through several networks, as is the case with Facebook Ads, which allows ads to be published both on that platform and on Instagram.

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