25 February 2022

26 global legaltech leaders join the first advisory board of the Global LegalTech Hub

The Global LegalTech Hub creates the first global legaltech Advisory Board, a unique and exceptional group of 26 international professionals who will share their vision, knowledge and experience with the entire legaltech ecosystem.

The aim of this initiative is to connect and share knowledge with thousands of professionals from all around the world and to quickly identify and generate synergies with the main players in the sector, both by geographical area and by legaltech verticals.

Who are the members of the GLTH Advisory Board?

The GLTH Advisory Board is divided into three main areas that encompass the entire legaltech ecosystem: Geographic, Technology and Innovation.

The Geographic area features a number of legaltech ecosystem specialists from each continent in order to be always connected and to increase our area of action. Among its members we can find:


Josh Lee, Director of Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation & Technology Association

Namit Oberoy, Founder of Indian Legal Tech. In Africa, we have 


Nankunda Katangaza, Co-founder of African Law & Tech Network 

Leah Molatseli, Head of Business Development-Legal Solutions at Legal Interact 

Gibran Freitas, Co-founder of Legal Tech Africa


Juan Carlos Luna, Founder of Lawit Group 

Carlos Gámez, VP of Product & Growth at TermScout 


Holger Zscheyge, Managing Director at Infotropic Media & President, ELTA


Jodie Baker, Founder and CEO of Xakia 

The Technology area has four subcategories:

Artificial Intelligence

Jennifer Woodard, CEO, Insikt Intelligence

Carlos Escapa, PyTorch Global Business Development Manager at Meta (Facebook AI)


Joaquim Matinero, Blockchain Associate at Roca Junyent

Roger Olivet, Blockchain Director at Banco Sabadell

Document lifecycle management

Alejandro Pérez, Legal Technology Advisor at Chiomenti

Carlos García-Egocheaga, Chief Executive Officer at Lexsoft Systems

Digital Signature 

Ivan Basart, CTO of Validated ID

The last category, Innovation area, covers topics such as: 

Ethical AI

Jaqueline Schafer, Founder & CEO of Clear Brief

Gemma Galdón, CEO & Founder, Eticas

Change Management

Christiane Müller-Haye, Regional Technology Manager Continental Europe at Clifford Chance

Marlen Estévez, Litigation & Arbitration Partner and Co-head innovation at RocaJunyent

Robin Chesterman, Global Head of Product of vLex

Manage Consumers’ Privacy

Mariona Campmany, Digital Identity & Innovation Lead at Mitek Systems

Legal Design

Laura Fauqueur, Legal Designer

New Legaltech Services

Patricia Manca, Partner, PwC Tax & Legal Services

Alejandro Sánchez del Campo, Innovation & Legaltech Counsel at Wolters Kluwer

Why now?

After the successful first edition of GLTHday, a 12-hour non-stop content event that brought together approximately 1,000 professionals from more than 35 countries and over 50 international speakers, we realised that “GLTH was born to be a global and itinerant project. It is necessary to keep connecting relevant actors in the sector around the world. Each connection is a multiplication of opportunities”, as Laura Urquizu, President of GLTH, explains.

Next March 2nd at 11am (CET time) we will participate in MWC - 4YFN Barcelona (Stand Sabadell) where we will present this initiative and officially introduce all the members mentioned above as well as the challenges and projects GLTH has for this year while analysing the trends of the sector.

About Global LegalTech Hub

The Global LegalTech Hub is an initiative that brings together different operators (professionals, startups, companies, institutions and the academic world) to write the future of a new legal industry leveraged by technological innovation.

The hub was born with the aim of connecting and spreading international legaltech, from a privileged vision of the technology and from the best practices at global scale.

The hub is open to participation and is declared neutral from a professional point of view both professional (lawyers, notaries, registrars, etc.), and academic or technological.

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