01 December 2020

"2020 has reinforced for our clients that technology is paramount"

David Kerr is the Director of Moore Legal Technology, which provides digital, marketing, branding, sales and strategic services to help law firms grow. David works with the team devising the online business generation and legal content marketing strategies to drive success and over the years. He developed knowledge and experience of all aspects of digital marketing for law firms.

What is the main goal of Moore Legal Technology?

Moore Legal technology’s main goal is to help law firms use the internet to win business. 

In the main, we help law firms to: Increase their Turnover; Enhance their Brand; Improve their Efficiency and Future-Proof their Firm.

The reason for this is that the MD and directors all have a legal background. Stephen Moore, the MD and founder was a solicitor. As was Gavin Ward, our Ops director. Chris Davidson worked in-house with several law firms in BD roles. David Kerr came to MLT by way of a law degree but with several years' experience in various sales roles.

The business is built on the idea that law firms can make great gains by adopting technological solutions to business development challenges. The legal industry is more traditional, less tech-savvy and more risk-averse than other, comparable industries. Insurance, Banking and Healthcare, for example, all use technology in their marketing more than many law firms do.

Who are the main clients of Moore Legal Technology?

We work with law firms of all sizes, although most our clients are "high street" law firms providing consumer legal services. Distress-type purchases such as family law, criminal defence, personal injury and employment law tend to attract the greatest volume of search-engine traffic.

Our clients tend to be firms of between 3-10 partners or departments within larger firms. In the main, our clients tend to be firms who are ambitious and ready to grow, but lack an in-house marketing department. Some do have a marketing department or person, but that person either doesn't specialise in digital or needs help.

As I say, we have worked with firms and individual solicitors of all types. The defining factors tend to be:

A. they are lawyers who wish to grow their business and; 

B. there is a sufficient and well-defined online market for the services they provide.

In what ways do Moore Legal Technology help lawyers to increase their clients?

When we started, it was all about the website. So few firms had a website (or had a decent website) that having a good, easily-found website was a competitive advantage. Over time, more firms began to launch websites and that created more competition. That competition manifested itself (and still does) in the competition for higher positions in search engine (mainly Google) rankings

That led us to specialising in Search Engine Optimisation. This is the practice of presenting website content to Search Engines in an accessible way) and in producing high quality, valuable content for websites

Pay Per Click ads, such as those you see at the top of Google's results pages or on Facebook, are also an important part of the mix

Email Marketing can be lucrative for certain practice areas/types of firm. That naturally leads into more advanced technologies like lead tracking and nurturing.

In the last 18 months we've launched our Client Intake Software, a CRM-system tailored to the needs of law firms

We deliver this on the fundamental basis of driving a tangible, measurable RoI. To that end, we use Analytics tools and call tracking to measure the effectiveness of what we do.

We've also added some more technologies to our portfolio to help our clients adapt to the challenges posed by 2020...

How has the pandemic crisis forced law firms to modernise and update their marketing?

One thing that 2020 has reinforced for our clients is that technology is paramount, and every lead is valuable.

That has meant introducing more direct-communication tools such as Video calling (mainly the ubiquitous Zoom), Livechat, calendar and appointment setting software. To ensure cashflow and prevent clients having to attend offices we've also set up online payment portals for our clients.

In recognition of the necessity for speed and agility in such trying times, we've also invested in our website building software to allow us to turn websites around more quickly than ever before. This lets our clients get their website to the point of profit more swiftly. 

What we've also found that our clients value is in the support and consultancy we can offer. 2020 has severed human connections in unforeseen ways. Our clients value discussing ideas and strategies with us, and drawing on our insight into how the legal sector is performing.

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