Francesc Domínguez

Personal Branding and Legal Marketing Consultant

Francesc Dominguez is an international legal marketing consultant and personal branding advisor. He has been the pioneering legal marketing consultant in continental Europe, since 2001. Visit his website.

Francesc Dominguez is the author of several books on legal marketing, published in English, French, and Spanish. His latest works are:

  • Legal Marketing: from a competent law firm to a competitive one. How to achieve it (Grupo Difusión Jurídica & ISDE Law & Business School, 2020).
  • La marca personal del abogado [The Lawyer’s personal brand] (Wolters Kluwer Spain, 2019).
  • De despacho competente a despacho competitivo: cuéntame cómo conseguirlo (Thomson Reuters Aranzadi, 2nd edition 2018).
  • Legal Marketing: what the client actually hires from the lawyer (Ed. Bosch, 2011). Book written along with Iolanda Guiu, founding partner at Barton Consultants. Also available in French and in Spanish.

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