Legal marketing trends that every law firm needs to have
Marketing is an extremely important element in every single business or professional sector. Its main goal is to promote its product or service in a unique way in order to obtain and maintain clients. Legal marketing is more difficult than in other area because it has some disadvantages such as rest...
TIL - 16 March 2023
How is your law firm perceived?
--- Branding often stops at a firm's logo and the colour palette set out in the brand guidelines. Sometimes consideration extends to the strap line However, the invisible side of branding - its driving force - is harder to grasp, harder to get right, and all too often forgotten in discussions abou...
Claire Rason - 04 April 2022
The 5 steps to follow to strengthen a lawyer's personal brand
Increasingly post-COVID many lawyers are taking more of an interest in their own Personal Brand. Many are now taking more of an interest in LinkedIn, and other social platforms, feeling that with less face-to-face interaction, they need to get online to remain visible and relevant to their clients a...
Ben Paul - 09 March 2022
Interview with Claire Rason: How to improve your firm's sales?
--- Marketing can be a great ally when it comes to improving your law firm's sales The Impact Lawyers publishes an interview with Claire Rason, regarding the Essential Guide: Keys to increase your law firm’s sales. Claire is legal coach, law firm marketing and business development expert, an...
Claire Rason - 24 February 2022
Personal Branding for Lawyers
Do you want to win business by being yourself?  It is the dawn of personal branding and the early adopters are reaping the rewards. Until recently, branding has been reserved for law firm marketing departments. However, more and more lawyers are leveraging the power of personal branding to rai...
Daisy Doardo - 15 February 2022
Free Open Lecture Marketing tips for lawyers
Lawyers invest time and money in their marketing but often do not see the results they want. Join Lawrina’s free lecture on February 15th, at 1 pm EST, online. You will learn how to apply the psychology of human intimacy to your law firm's marketing and make 2 simple changes to your website to...
Lawrina - 08 February 2022
Six key factors that determine a law firm's marketing budget
One of the most frequently asked questions partners ask themselves when they decide to grow is: How much should a law firm invest in marketing? How much should a law firm invest in marketing? The answer, as so often, is: "it depends". The legal profession is a very heterogeneous industry, to whic...
Lidia Zommer - 07 February 2022
Survival guide for marketing managers, applicable to legal marketing (1)
The LinkedIn team has published a guide to help marketing managers survive in the new landscape generated by the pandemic crisis. In this sense, this guide can be very useful for those involved in legal marketing.  From this guide, we would like to highlight the first chapter of this guide, wh...
William Brown - 10 January 2022
When Marketing Meets Advocacy
--- It is no secret that law is changing and bringing new contours and that lawyers are adding other skills Globalization and the market demand more quality than just advocating. Knowing the legislation and doing a good job is a premise and not a differential. As a result, legal marketing has bec...
Ana Julia Vaz Guimarães Sampaio - 05 December 2021
Do large corporate legal departments get better rates? Not always
--- Nathan Cemenska displays actual spending data from Wolter Kluwer ELM Solutions Legal View database You would think that the largest purchasers of legal services in the world get better hourly rates, on average, than peers that purchase less volume. That’s how it works at Costco, right? Y...
Nathan Cemenska - 24 November 2021
Focus is all about ONE THING
Most attorneys are feeling overwhelmed with the concept or actual business of marketing their law practices. You have social media, blogging, networking, website optimization, podcasting and dozens of other ways to grow and sustain your business. Sometimes it’s like a kid in a candy store who ...
Steve Fretzin - 19 November 2021
The lawyer's reputation
“The greater the position, the greater the person must be” (Baltasar Gracián) A lawyer's or law firm's reputation, that is, the perception of excellence or prestige generally held of them, is based on their integrity, behaviour or performance, and the way stakeholders recognize, ...
Francesc Domínguez - 12 November 2021
Parklane Plowden Chambers renews its brand and website
Leeds and Newcastle-based barristers’ set Parklane Plowden Chambers has revealed an evolved brand identity and a new website to further implement its investment strategy for continued growth. This latest news follows the set’s announcement in July that it is undertaking a six-figure ref...
William Brown - 28 October 2021
Marketing AND Sales vs. Marketing OR Sales
--- The ongoing struggle between marketing and sales has changed and "qualification" has caused both departments to work in sync to attract customers through value Social selling is the new standard in the new normal. Historically, marketing has focused on features rather than benefits and KPIs fo...
Filippo Chisari - 30 September 2021
Alfonso Everlet (Diferencia Legal): "The key is differentiation"
--- The Impact Lawyers interviews Alfonso Everlet, partner of Diferencia Legal, a new project called to completely transform the way law firms work and promote their work. In this interview he discusses such important issues as management, internal communication and client loyalty   1. What ...
Alfonso Everlet - 23 September 2021
Factors to Consider Before Creating an Email Retention Policy
--- The creation of a good email marketing policy should be carried out with an Email Retention Policy or ERP and following the 5 important aspects exposed by Damian Alderson   Whether you are a large enterprise or a fresh startup, email retention policy should be among your critical data pr...
Damian Alderson - 13 September 2021
What are the basics of good business development and how do they translate to a virtual world?
1. Remembering that business development is only part of the equation Business development is about creating relationships. These can be stand-alone; but the best business development makes the most of opportunities that have been created by the professional services firm’s marketing. Marketi...
Claire Rason - 17 August 2021
The top four reasons why cross-selling is so hard
--- Claire Rason explains the top four reasons why cross-selling isn’t always as successful as the statistics suggest it should be, along with some ideas to overcome them.    1. A lack of understanding about what selling is The biggest myth that gets in the way of cross-selling i...
Claire Rason - 04 July 2021
Case study: How to improve your firm's SEM and SEO?
--- With the rise of digitalisation, the internet has become the place where law firms attract potential clients. Therefore, it is crucial to increase SEM and SEO   1. Case of fact The UK law firm Wilson & Farrell, based in London, has more than 100 lawyers and specialises in internatio...
Mike Noos - 30 June 2021
Taking advantage of the new LinkedIn polls feature
--- LinkedIn polls help lawyers learn more about their clients' needs LinkedIn is rolling out what it refers to as a new ‘lightweight’ poll feature. The platform states that it takes only 30 seconds to put a poll together, making it a quick and easy way to engage with other users ...
Rachel Tombs - 11 June 2021
4 Ways Lawyers Can Become Leaders in the Digital Age
--- Lawyers want to become leaders. But few know how to do it in the new digital age Becoming a leader in the legal profession has been a challenge for decades. The big firms have grown in size and the small firms continue to grow in quantity so it is more difficult than ever to stand out as a law...
Danny Matthews - 10 June 2021
Relationship marketing and professional services firms
--- Relationship marketing is the answer to the needs of customers and the way to optimize the performance and growth of professional services firms  Marketing is the art of giving clients what they what profitably. To be a successful marketeer you need to tap into the needs and wants of the ...
Claire Rason - 30 May 2021
Marketing your law firm
--- Francesc Domínguez explains how to incorporate marketing into your law firm offering added value to the client Source: Book Legal Marketing: from a competent law firm to a competitive one. How to achieve it Legal marketing must have a solid foundation, that is, the firm’s pro...
Francesc Domínguez - 30 April 2021
Do you know where you are going?
--- In a society like today's, in which speed is the common paradigm for almost all professional and personal activities, we find law firms, lawyers and clients who want to obtain fast results with little effort That is why many of them direct their promotional activities to social networks, adver...
Iolanda Guiu - 12 February 2021
Survival guide for legal marketing managers (4). How to strengthen or create constructive relationships
In the last article of this series we tried to explain how to design a marketing plan. The pandemic has greatly changed the way marketing managers communicate with their peers. Departments are looking for new ways to communicate.  Marketing managers must also take into account the new paradigm...
William Brown - 19 January 2021
Survival guide for marketing managers, applicable to legal marketing (3). How to design a marketing plan
In the two previous articles in this series, we have talked about how to be resilient in your marketing campaign and how to build a marketing strategy. In this article we discuss the principles you should take into account when designing a marketing plan, especially when you have to discuss this pla...
William Brown - 07 January 2021
Survival guide for marketing managers, applicable to legal marketing (2). How to build a marketing strategy
In line with the previous article, which commented on how to be resilient in these uncertain times, in this article we will describe how to structure a marketing strategy, using the guide published by LinkedIn. Specifically, this guide provides six principles for you to design and structure your ma...
William Brown - 03 January 2021
Is your law firm just a “deadline-meeter”?
Most firms limit themselves to being “deadline-meeters”: they receive a case and provide the required service. But these firms lack direction—a position in the market that can reduce their strategic risk— that is, the uncertainty about what could happen to them in the medium ...
Francesc Domínguez - 01 January 2021
The Impact Lawyers will organize next Thursday 12th November (10 AM US. ET / 3 PM London Time) a webinar with the participation of Francesc Domínguez, Pioneering legal marketing consultant and adviser in personal branding, on how to create the lawyer's personal brand.  REGISTER NOW:&n...
TIL - 11 November 2020

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