24 February 2022
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Interview with Claire Rason: How to improve your firm's sales?


Marketing can be a great ally when it comes to improving your law firm's sales

The Impact Lawyers publishes an interview with Claire Rason, regarding the Essential Guide: Keys to increase your law firm’s sales. Claire is legal coach, law firm marketing and business development expert, and founder of Client Talk.


What skills do lawyers have to improve your firm's sales?

It is important

Most of their time has to be spent listening. They spend a lot of money giving opinions instead of listening more to their clients. In addition to being a key element for commercial sales, listening is key to building a relationship of trust with clients

Another consequence of active listening is the increase of empathy, which is a very important element in 2020. If you increase your listening, you increase empathy and this is the key for lawyers who want to increase their sales.


How important is it to think about the client's needs?

It is important

Marketing is about giving what the client wants in relation to profits. Therefore, you cannot offer a product or service without understanding the client's needs.

Lawyers have to know their client's needs in the short term and have to think about what they will need in the long term.

Lawyers need to know what their clients are trying to achieve. Understanding clients' needs is key for any lawyer.


Is it relevant to manage digital tools to increase sales?

It is important

There are a large number of digital tools for lawyers and they need to know how to use many of them, but not all of them are relevant for all lawyers. There are tools like Paper Click that may be relevant for some lawyers.

Software like these or AI-powered tools are relevant, but it is important to think about what goals we want to achieve through these digital tools. It is important to understand on a marketing basis what your target market is, what makes your law firm special, what is your brand, what is the reason why clients hire your services. 


How relevant is marketing for a lawyer?

It is important:

Many lawyers use the term Marketing as a concept related to Business Development, they use it related to sales.

Marketing is about raising awareness. Business Development is about building client relationships, it is about monetising client relationships. But the important thing about marketing is to generate awareness.


What challenges will lawyers face when they want to change sales strategies? 

It is important:

The important thing to convey to clients is the positive consequence that changing sales strategies will generate. Communication is very important. It is important to know how to communicate the change of strategy in such a way that clients are well informed. 

Culture is also an essential element when it comes to changing sales strategies. Culture determines the way in which change happens in your firm. 

Influence is also a challenge in these cases, as it has a lot of impact. 

Being sensitive, being aware are important elements if you want to succeed in changing your sales strategy.

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